Back To School 2013: DIY Teacher’s Gift



Above, you will see my version of the back-to-school gift I found on Pinterest this week. Originally blogged by Kristyn on her website entitled, Lil Luna, I just couldn’t resist a good, inexpensive DIY project.

I am very into giving teacher appreciation gifts. Being a nanny for 3 years to two offspring of a stay-at-home, violin teacher who cooked like Betty Crocker and was as sweet as sugar, I learned an extra thing or two about going the extra mile for a school teacher. Let’s face it, they’re under-payed, they spend their own money on supplies for kids who are not theirs, and probably even spend more time with kids like mine than they do with their own.

I had never really thought much about this until the end of my step-son’s kindergarten year when we went the “generic” mile and got his teacher a candle holder and summer scented candles. She loved it! How much more would she have loved it if it was handmade? I can’t answer that now but, I don’t know what elementary school teacher can turn away arts and crafts.

This year, I decided to do something a little different since we hadn’t yet met Noah’s teacher. The gift had to me a little less personal and a little more school themed. I told you all in a previous post that one way I wind down before bed is to scroll through a few pages of Pinterest. During this  particularly sacred nighttime routine, I saw the Lil Luna version of this gift. If you click the link to Kristyn’s blog, you will see that she went a little more “adult” with hers and a little bit more vintage.

Don’t get me wrong, I am obsessed with vintage everything! That being said, instead of weathering the outside of the jar and praying that some kid in my son’s 1st grade class wouldn’t come up and start scratching the paint off with their fingernail while they were waiting for the teacher to help them with a math problem, I opted to coat the jar with chalkboard paint. It’s scratch resistant, you can write/erase on it, and get it wet. I also felt like I went with the free, Lil Luna printable a smidgen better. And what teacher doesn’t need 20, already sharpened, pencils to have ready whenever she may need to jot down something important?

This whole project was a little over $5.00, literally. So, if your little one is starting school next week, like mine, head over to Lil Luna’s to find out all the details. If you have questions about my chalkboard change-up, please, leave them in the comments below!


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