Too Cool For School

Today was out last fun day before school starts. Not only does my step-son go to his mom’s house for the weekend but, Tuesday is the first day of school. That leaves for a rather dull Monday.

In light of that, we promised him that we would do something that he has been wanting to do all summer– mini golf! We went to the local tourist, and local, preteen, summer attraction, JUNGLE RAPIDS. (Was that too many commas in one sentence? I’m exhausted ..) Anyway, it was incredibly hot out today and while my husband walked from hole to hole sweating out his t-shirt with a baby strapped to the front of him, we spent a nice family afternoon together.

Jon&EzraGolfing coolkid WON

I even won an arcade game and got 66 tickets! I never win anything!

I almost think that Hubby and I had more fun than the kiddos. Although, I’m not sure how much fun a 5.5 month old can have at a place like that, even my step-son’s reaction was as if he was being entertained by a mediocre tourist trap. Have you ever found that you enjoyed “kiddie” places, rides, songs…etc, now more than you did as a child?

When I was 7 months pregnant we went on a trip to Disney World and I really had fun! But, the 3 times I went there as a kid, I never, ever liked it. Even if I didn’t grow out of being scared of the characters… haha!

What are you and your child(ren) doing for fun during your last few free days before school begins for another year? Leave me a comment below 🙂 I want to hear all about it!


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