Weekend Wind-Down

The beach was beautiful tonight and just what all of us needed to wind down from a long week.



Hubby was gone for work for four days this week and with me all doped up on meds from my surgery + baby to take care of, my mom had to spend a couple of nights over here with me… After barely getting past that, I had a six hour wedding to shoot yesterday and an hour drive there and back. Our 7 year old has been super restless this weekend so, I thought a good trip to the beach was the cure for all the exhaustion circulating in our household.


If you would’ve asked me a week ago, I would’ve told you that I’m not ready for summer to end but, today was a perfect autumn evening. While walking along the sandy sidewalks, by the taco shops, and surf stores I saw the most gorgeous (unaffordable) pair of fall boots; a mixture of woven and leather elements. At the moment I saw them, I realized that I’m ready to wear boots and scarves and have backyard fires. As much fun as I’ve had introducing my new little one to the summer elements of our ‘salt life’, watching our family morph into another year, and experiment with hot weather fashions… All good things must come to an end.


How was your weekend?


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