OOTD: Light + Dark Denim

When thinking of mixing light and darks in an outfit, a lot of people’s minds would wander straight to black and white. But, the truth is, there are a lot more options than the age-old staples of “opposites”. Just because you want to mix tones doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice color, pattern, or texture in your wardrobe choices.

Now, I didn’t go to college. Taking a year off after high school was corrupting to my soul and I decided against returning to the bookish lifestyle. However, I am the same age as most current college students, I live in a college town, and am headed to a local university today on personal business. So, I figured I would put together this budget-friendly and comfortable look.

Wearing light on the top and dark on the bottom can help balance out your proportions, bring attention to your face, and allow you to accessorize differently than you would with a darker shade on top. Today, I’m going to show you how I did this with chambray and denim for minimalist, chic attire; my twist on the typical t-shirt & jeans most people my age wear to class.

IMG_7255 IMG_7263





Lauren Conrad Chambray Shirt– $21.00 at Khols. (Marked down from $44!)

Banana Republic Urban Flared Leg Jean– Believe it or not, these lovelies came from eBay for $15. They had hardly been worn but, when they arrived, they smelled like cigarette smoke. With the help of a little of my son’s hypoallergenic, non-scented detergent and the “Sanitize” cycle on my washer, these came out as good as new!

FYI- eBay is my secret weapon for finding what I want at a steal! Never under-estimate the value someone else’s over-spending can have for you.

Steve Madden Grecco Wedge Sandal: These were a splurge purchase. But, a good pair of shoes never hurt a girl, right? I found them over the summer on an ever-so-rare trip to DSW and dropped a whole, heart-breaking $80 on them. Money well spent though! They are extremely comfortable and can dress up any casual outfit, especially because of the neutral color.

However, this look could be put with just about any casual shoe. An embellished flat, perhaps, might be more practical if you have to walk around campus all day.  If you already own a pair and don’t have to invest in footwear for this get-up then, this entire outfit could cost you less than $40!

Makeup & Accessories:

I don’t think this look really requires a lot of accessorizing. You could add bangles or some more eccentric looking earrings. Also, I think this outfit would be cute paired with a (opinions may vary) cardigan in the cooler weather. Since it’s still in the 80’s here though, I skipped that option.

Makeup choices may vary. In my opinion, moms and students have about the same amount of time to get ready in the morning. So, a simple bright, gloss, nude shadow on the eyes, brown pencil liner (top & bottom), mascara, and some bronzer in the hollows of the cheeks does it to complete this girl on the go ensemble.



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