Incidentally: Haul

IMG_7311Incidentally, I found myself right near one of my favorite stores this week while my husband and I were away for our anniversary yesterday/today; Nordstrom Rack! If you live near one of these yourself then you know how awesome they are! I always find numerous things in the store that I am dying to buy. Unfortunately, I never walk in with a large enough wad of cash. This time, especially, my husband and I each set a limit of how much we would spend. We went a little over budget because we got a couple of things for the kids but, all in all it was a decent, short trip for both of us.

Sorry in advance for the photo being a bit wonky… it’s getting late here and the sun is already down. However, I am far too excited about this to wait until tomorrow to post. So, I’m going to use stock photos for the sake of letting you see exactly how the items look, instead of waiting to try them on.

1) Mod.lusive Palm Print Woven Tank


Although, sold out at most of the regular Nordstrom stores I managed to snag one of these palm motif tank tops for $10! It was marked down from $42! It comes in 3 colors- a green, blue, and coral. I chose this color over the others because I felt like it was a more transitional piece and coral looks great on many skin tones.

You might think that this is a summer print but, why not carry bright colors and thoughts of warmer weather right into fall? Easier said than done for me, maybe, because I live near the ocean. I think would be great paired with a black blazer and some dressy jeans for a casual night out. What would you pair it with?

2) Wit & Wisdom Colored Denim Skinny Jeans


These colored jeans jumped out at me! For what reason, I don’t know. Usually, I am not much of a “pink” gal but, recently I have warmed up to it.

They stop about ankle length which, at first, made me think that I had picked up a petite size but, after double and triple checking I realized that they are made that way to show off ridiculously cute shoes– reference the model for proof. I think I will probably cuff these slightly just to give it more of a laid back and ‘finished’ look. The style of tops you could pair with these are completely endless! Neutral, patterned, button up, flowy…etc. I can’t wait to wear these. Versatile as they are I truly feel that they are able to be worn year round– tucked into boots even! Originally $65, I got these for $25. What a steal!

3) Dolce Vita Ankle Booties

I, unfortunately, could not find a stock photo anywhere on the internet of these shoes! Surprising, ey?


I am IN LOVE with these booties!!! Can I just say that again?… IN LOVE!! I adore them, which is why this is where most of my part of the budget was blown. Originally $130, I bought these today for $70, and I feel like they were worth every penny. I don’t mind splurging on a pair of shoes that I adore when I know that I’ll take good care of them and wear them for years to come.

The cognac color allows them to be just neutral enough that they can be worn with numerous outfits but, the detail on the back make them unique enough for the wearer to stand out from the crowd. I literally want to wear these everyday. My new faves.

That’s all I got from Nordstrom… Now for something else fun!

Target has long been one of my favorite stores and I talk about it in almost every post. When I was walking by the hosiery section the other day I saw the most fun stockings!!! For $5!!! So, I had to grab some in a lovely shade of mint. Now, I need outfit ideas so, if you have any please leave them in the comments. I’m thinking I can’t just wear them with all black or it’s possible I might look like the Wicked Witch of the West! (please Google if you don’t get my reference)


That brings us to the end of my little haul. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions PLEASE leave them in the comment section and don’t forget to follow/subscribe. Thanks guys, xoxxo


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