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Look what came yesterday guys!! I probably could’ve gone to my local Ulta store and bought the exact same products but, there is something thrilling about getting packages, don’t you think? There is also something no so thrilling about lugging a six month old into a store full of cosmetics he can grab destroy/eat (because everything goes in the mouth by this point) while you are trying to swatch colors. Plus, let’s just throw in there that, although I blog a lot about beauty and fashion, I don’t actually enjoy the act of shopping. Mostly because I’m broke afterwards, ha.

Anyway, I have never before bought a single Urban Decay product. I’m talking, not even a lipgloss. It might be partly because when it comes to semi high-end cosmetics I am a bit of a Smashbox snob and, of course, nothing can compare to MAC so I won’t even go there. But, I was in the market recently for a new palette. Yes, yes, I already have two- a large Stila one I have mixed feelings about and a smaller Smashbox palette that I use almost daily. You have to freshen up the mix every once in a while.

At first, I was really drawn to the Lavish Set by Anastasia of Beverly Hills. The colors= gorgeous!! But, the reviews weren’t awe-inspiring so I kept going with the search. Then, I came across the Coral Crush Amazonian Clay Eye & Cheek Palette by Tarte. Although, it’s listed as a “new” item I just feel like the colors, stunning as they might be, are too summery and would look better if I we about to get a tan– not lose one. Also, I have never used the Tarte brand before, even though I often browse their section in the store. I think, not being familiar with the products, I just didn’t trust myself to buy one yet. That doesn’t mean I won’t in the future though.

Finally, I remembered a recent post by rubyangel711 about all the new Urban Decay products at Sephora and couldn’t really help but go onto the Urban Decay website to see what they are all about. I won’t lie, I’ve had my eye on the Naked Palette  for quite some time. My beauty go-to girl, who I talk about ALL the time, Tanya Burr, uses hers frequently. However, the $50 price tag has been the one thing making me keep my distance. I just kept thinking, “What if I buy it and I hate it?” So, I wanted to go small and a little less indulgent before taking an even bigger plunge into the world of Urban Decay eyeshadows.

*Enter Ammo Palette*


Just look at all that pretty purple wrapping!

Before I talk about how freakin’ fantastic the colors in this palette are, I just want to comment on how great it is that I got double value on the Eyeshadow Primer Potion. The one in the light purple tube is the travel size that you can buy separately for $12. In this case, it came in the package with the eyeshadow. Then, I also got another sample size tube (dark purple) of the anti-aging formula of the potion, which is usually $24! I am so happy to have this coveted item since I’ve seen it used on countless makeup tutorials.


So, can we just take a minute and talk about the whole reason for this post? The eyeshadow! I mean, can you honestly tell me that those aren’t some of the prettiest colors?

The reviews on the website, about this particular palette, are almost all 5 stars. A lot of people who bought this did so as their first Urban Decay purchase and never looked back afterward. That made me feel so much better! Also, many commented on the staying power of the colors, the pigmentation, and the overall performance– saying that all of them were exceptional.

Value of this haul? Approx $75. Actual price I paid? $42 (including shipping) I have 3 words for you: NOTHING. TO. LOSE.



I think what I’m most excited about is the fact that this is the PERFECT size for traveling and that I know I won’t feel like I should’ve brought along my other palettes because with these shades, you can literally create anything from a bright day-time eye to a dark, smokey, night look. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to swatch these for you but, I will be sure to give updates on my usage. I think I’m definitely already in love with Maui Wowie, Last Call, and Chopper without even trying them on. Others, like Shattered, are a little bold for me but, I am trying to expand my horizons a bit so, it might be a good thing that I feel a little out of my comfort zone with it.

What do you think of this haul? Was the Ammo Palette a good purchase? Why, or why not? What kind of looks would you like to see me create with this?

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7 thoughts on “Urban Decay: Haul

  1. Thanks for the mention! You definitely got a winner of a palette. Love each and every shade—I can totally see myself wearing each one if them! Oh, and congrats on the primer potions! You will love them. Enjoy!😉

  2. Thanks for the mention! My, you definitely got a winner of a palette. Love each and every shade—I would totally wear all the colors. And congrats on the primer potions. You will love them! Enjoy😉

  3. Oooh So Pretty! Last Call, Shog, Maui Wowie, and Chopper would make a pretty rose and gold eye. Also, I agree that it is fun to get packages in the mail 🙂 And if you want a good introduction to tarte check out my post about their new “Beauty without Boundaries” Collection. I am really excited to get it! xX Michelle

  4. This is one of my favorite palettes. I like to put Sin on my lids, Smog in the crease, Maui Wowie in my inner tear duct, and the. I use a matte highlight shade from the Lorac Pro palette. The shade Shattered can look a bit scary to use, but try lining your bottom lash line with it for a pop of color!

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