Obsessed with… LOAFERS!

Okay my beauties, today I want to talk about a complete obsession of mine. LOAFERS! They are versatile, comfortable, and completely adorable. I am wearing mine right now! They are coming back in style with a vengeance and I plan to take full advantage!

Now, I’m not talking about the plain, brown/red, penny loafers your mama made you wear when you were eight years old and literally stuck a penny in. I’m talking about fun, metallic, printed, pointed, embellished, faux suede and all! And right now I want to show you a few ways you can where these wonderful shoes; dressed up, and down.

#1: I’m in love with these orange/multi tapestry loafers! They are a great jumping off point for any outfit, especially something casual. Anyone would be a definite show-stopper wearing these (or similar) styled shoes! They emote confidence, fun, beauty and brains– not to mention you can accessorize the outfit with almost anything. I chose a leather satchel and minimal gold based jewelry to jazz up this look; along with a burnt red lip, bronzed/peachy cheeks, and smoldering eyes. Wear this to the library to study, to the movies with friends, or for a traveling outfit.


#2: This mini skirt is the epitome of youthful elegance. Honestly, I think at some time in their life everyone should own a piece like it. Polished and professional, luxe and romantic– this collection isn’t for everyday. It is perfect for a date night or after party. Party into the wee hours of the morning in style and extreme comfort with your love or a bunch of friends wearing these fashionable black & gold embellished loafers. Brighten your face by wearing a bright shade of autumn orange near your face and stay warm in a cozy, military style, fawn colored coat. The jacket also accentuates the waist due to the belt/buckle detailing. A dark green, structured bag and gold, dangle earrings make this a one-of-a-kind ensemble.

Just for fun, I added in a dark (not black) toned nail polish & a natural looking face, only enhanced by bronzer and highlight.


#3: Be the career woman you’ve always wished you could, in this stunning look that is extra cute because of the leopard, tassel loafers. (What girl doesn’t like leopard?!) Basic, charming jewelry complement the jacket dress, especially when paired with a medium sized “I mean business” handbag. The hat is an extra touch to take this look back in time and add a bit of flair to the arrangement, while berry toned nails, lips, and eyes grace the overall get-up with a definite femininity. Barely blushed cheeks supply a girlish attractiveness to this womanly silhouette. I would wear this in a heartbeat!


#4: This last collection of beautiful things features 2 items that are quickly making their way onto my must-have list. First of all, I’m completely obsessed with owls and these Zara Owl Moccasins  are something that NEED to be in my closet! (If only pay day was a little more often, huh?) Also, I am beginning to really love cigarette trousers. I have seen them all over the place since the beginning of summer and there are some seriously gorgeous designs for fall. A typical black, like the one I used here, can go with ANYTHING.

The look of the shoes and pants together looked so classy that I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit really clean and not too flashy. A cream, flowy blouse underscored by a long gold necklace and a well chosen gold ring are all the accessories a girl needs when she has a fabulous nude-y, pink purse and nails to match. Bright pink lips, flush cheeks, and a smokey eye make this totally girly and glamorous.


I hope by now you are all convinced to be as bewitched by these delightful little shoes as I am 😉 Have a great Saturday!
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