Keeping It Consistant

Keeping It Consistent

Pull Bear white shirt
$16 –

Pull&Bear jeans
$42 –

Pull Bear loafer flat
$32 –

Stella & Dot earrings


Do you ever wonder what’s up with the weather? Why it’s 80 degrees in October? Well, that’s what I’m wondering right about now because it’s October 2nd and where I live it’s going to be the perfect beach day!

So, how do you keep it consistent when it comes to your style and clothing choices? How to look like your dressing for autumn when it feels like June?

This outfit, mostly from Pull & Bear (I am LOVING their stuff right now!) shows how to dress comfortably in an “indian summer” and yet maintain the spirit of fall. Weather you are walking along the ocean or a street of crunching leaves, this ensemble could work for you. If it is a little chillier where you live, throw on a jacket and keep this look just as ‘cool’. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Keeping It Consistant

  1. Love this for those warmer fall days. We are having the same weather issue here, so I’ve just been wearing fall colors, but keeping the pieces light and cool in terms of weight and length (no tights yet 😦 )

    • Thank you! I’m a huge, huge, huge fan of boyfriend jeans as they can be worn so many ways! I JUST posted an outfit that I wore last night– first tights of the season! *insert me raising the roof here* haha

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