I don’t have much time to post today as I am headed out to a very anxiety-inducing doctor’s appointment. However, I wanted to share with you guys my first full-on vamp makeup look with the darkest lipstick I have ever owned.


I went for a satin finish on my eyes and a winged out, black eyeliner. I didn’t want to get too gothic with the look so I skipped applying any eyeliner on my waterline and instead used a bit of the Urban Decay color “Smog” under my bottom lashes. I also used a purplish, light colored blush to balance out my face and bring color too my cheeks without over powering the main focus of the makeup– the lipstick!

I picked up this shade the other day. It is part if the Revlon Super Lustrous line (which you guys know I love) in the color “Black Cherry”. This is my first time wearing it out and, although bold, I think it gives the perfect complement to the overall look. If it were summer I’d just put on a semi-sheer gloss and run out but, since it’s fall (even though today is another 80 degrees) I incorporated the darker color to set the mood.

In order to tone up my face and seem more “approachable” while wearing this eccentric color, I paired it with a white oxford button up, dark boot cut denims, and wedges.

Hope you guys like it! Have a great day and leave any comments or questions below– I love hearing from you!

4 thoughts on “Full-On

  1. Very pretty love! I was waiting to see you post about this shade! I picked up one called Plum Velour from the Super Lustrous shine collection which isn’t as dark as Black Cherry but is easy to wear and still gives me a pretty dark berry lip. Sometimes, I like to add a hint of Iced Mocha which is a brown pearl shade from Super Lustrous to make it more vamp! I’m glad you share in my obsession with these Revlon lipstics 😉

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