OOTD: Mint Chocolate Chip

I’m so excited today because it is PLAIDURDAY!!!- the national celebration of plaid 🙂 I cannot wait to post more about that tomorrow with photos.

If you are unfamiliar with #plaidurday, use the hashtag or google it.

Moving on… This outfit is what I wore last night.

photo 1

I talk about the stockings here. Remember how I was so afraid to look like THIS? Well, it actually turned out way more charming than I imagined. 🙂

After putting them on it turns out that they were more of a mint color than an all-out green, hence the name of the post. The colors led my husband to tell me that I looked like mint chocolate chip ice cream which, in a strange way, was true. I paired them with a little black dress (this dress is so amazingly versatile, I wish I could wear it daily) and pointed toe, black heels.

photo 2

photo 3 (Please pardon the cell phone photos. We were in a massive hurry and my husband is no photographer 😛 )

photo 4 I also happened to have a bracelet that matched and set this whole look into a vintage charm era. It came from the most amazing Etsy shop, Amy Alexander Designs. Rebecca, the owner, is a delightfully talented lady.

Check her out 🙂 She makes the most unique and gorgeous accessories!


I’m thinking that I might have to invest in a lot more of these colorful tights. They make the transition into fall that much more fun!

Little Black Dress- Target, $25

Shoes- Shoe Dept., $7 (marked down from $30)

Stockings- Target, $5

Bracelet- Etsy, approx $42 (splurge purchase)

Have a great Friday everyone!!

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