#plaidurday, the boyfriend way

Here we go… another crazy traditon. Plaidurday. I had not heard about this until I was on instagram and noticed the #plaidurday hashtag. Of course, I immediately looked it up and it led me to the official plaidurday website, where I learned that this “holiday” is the celebration of plaid and it happens every year on the first Friday of October.

I usually do not buy much plaid at all but, my husband is a huge fan. I actually had to put a ban on him buying any more plaid shirts. But, his obsession did help me out in this case.

One of the biggest trends this season is to wear your boyfriend’s clothes; a trend I have not necessarily been fond of. However, when plaidurday rolled around I found myself staring at my husband’s side of the closet. How in the world could I make one of his XL shirts work for me? I stumbled across a magazine article that gave me some ideas and this is what I came up with…


I was a self-conscious in this outfit since I haven’t worn a shirt tied up like that since I was a kid and it showed off my hips a lot. But, it’s a great way to style an oversized shirt, stay comfortable, and stylish. I also love a good pair of boyfriend jeans; I really think they can finish off ANY look. The nude sling-backs are one of my favorite pair of shoes. My dog attacked them a while back but I refuse to get rid of them and have salvaged them as much as possible.

I even got my husband to participate! I think he is a bit more of a natural model than I am 😉


My favorite thing about his outfit is the shoes! He got them for $5 at Nordstrom Rack. They are wingtip, suede sneakers– how cool is that? My hubby has a distinct sense of what he likes and feels comfortable in. I swear, he would wear a fedora with anything! I only wish I could be as confident about myself as he is in me. ❤

Did any of you participate in plaidurday? If so, share your posts/photos with me!


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