OOTD: Geek Chic

Here I find myself, on a cloudy Friday, on my way into Manhattan yet again. How I will miss saying that when I get home!
It’s gotten rather chilly since we arrived and now I’m not regretting packing as much warm clothing as I was when we got here and it was a beautiful 75 degrees. Today the high is 10-15 degrees less than that and we are back to enjoying the briskness of the autumn air, we rarely get to experience at home.

My eyes needed a break from contacts today and I wanted to be warm and comfy. I took these pics at home during my pre-packing burst of enthusiasm about outfit styling…

Fashion Credits:

Sweater- Target, $23
Jeans- Target, $25
Scarf- Italian Street Vendor, approx $20
Booties- DSW, $70
Glasses- Calvin Klein, $85 (discounted with insurance)

Here’s are some tips:
#1. Don’t be afraid of variations. For instance, I have open wounds the size if small planets on the back of my heels from walking so much so, wearing the booties that started the process all over the city AGAIN didn’t seem appealing. I substituted them for some black, hightop Chuck Taylor’s and am, thus, bound to be one thousand times more pleasant while speeding to and fro in the subway terminals.

#2. If you like a sweater that is semi-fitted but want the oversized look, buy a size or two bigger. That’s what I did with this sweater. That way you have room to layer and it still hangs a little looser than the original item.

This week is coming to an end too quickly but, I admit I am anxious for my own bed.

Have a great Friday!! 🙂


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