Falling In Love All Over Again

We just arrived back from New York this afternoon and boy! am I bushed! This was our first attempt at a vacation, not only with two kids but, with my parents. I can honestly say that things turned out a little (okay, a lot) more complicated than I was expecting. [Then again, don’t they all?] I feel doubly bad for my hubby today though, since he has to turn right around and get back on a plane tomorrow for a business trip. As the old saying goes,  “There’s no rest for the wicked.”

One thing this vacation really did for me though, was rekindle my love for autumn. I’ve lived in the south for a little over eight years now and can honestly say I’ve grown entirely too used to only experiencing TWO seasons, instead of all four. It seems like, in coastal North Carolina, summer suddenly turns to winter and then back again within the blink of an eye. No pretty orange and red leaves, no crunch when you walk down the sidewalk, and not much bundling up to be had.

Fall has always been my favorite season and visiting New York, where there is a Starbucks on every corner, ankle booties on every woman, and the perfect breeze through Central Park, made me fall head over heels for the season again. This time, probably, a bit more stylishly. 😉


Honestly, though, just look at those colors. The warmth just wraps you up and carries you and your pumpkin spice latte to another world. And, not matter, how glad I am to be back to my house, not even a scented candle from Bath & Body Works can compare to the earthy, fresh smell of autumn leaves.


We spent an eventful day (yesterday) at the Bronx Zoo. Noah has been raving ever since about their Dinosaur Safari. (here are a few pics)


I just adore the feeling of getting up and throwing on some boots and a scarf with any outfit and walking around the city to get pastries or a quiche.


If you ever visit the Bronx, make sure to visit John & Joe’s for some great pizza– It’s totally worth it!

Also, I have to mention Doughnut Plant when you’re headed towards Brooklyn. Definitely a must-stop! Just look below!


No matter how much I love a good getaway, though, I really like coming home to a nice shower, pjs, and cuddles with my honey. Don’t you?

I have a great haul post coming up for you guys that I really hope you enjoy! Until then, have a nice evening! XOXXO


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