NYC 2013: Fall Haul (PIC HEAVY)

I don’t consider myself a materialistic person and when I make purchases, I try to make the most practical decision about the item(s) I’m buying. To be a beauty & fashion blogger, I don’t think you have to constantly be in the stores getting new products, clothes, or brand names. {Honestly, I’m learning as I go here… Check out DebE’s ‘spending ban’ posts, though, and you’ll know what I’m talking about} But, when those big splurges come, they are all the more fun to share. That’s why I want to share with you the goodies I picked up while we were on our trip to NYC.

Having said that, I’ll admit, I have been going through a bit of “retail therapy” lately because of my body image issues. Thankfully, though, my husband has been very understanding and I haven’t made any purchases that I regret. In fact, I’m quite elated to have knocked off a couple of items from my ever-growing must-have list. So, let’s get to it!


H&M wasn’t the first store that I went into but, it’s always a store that I look forward to browsing. It is also one store where I like to view the items in person, rather than shop online. Needless to say, within minutes I had quite a few items slung over my arm and ready to try on. Somehow, though, I whittled my selections down to two.

First, this lovely, plaid jacket. I saw it and knew I needed it in my closet. Do you guys remember me saying that I don’t own much plaid? Well, this jacket is, and it’s the perfect finish to a number of different outfits!  My husband was so jealous of it that he said he wished it was a man’s blazer. Also, a girl visiting from England, who happened to be in the same line at the register told me she liked it too which, I felt, validated my good taste. 😉 I think I’d accept ANY compliment from a Brit. ❤

It runs a little small so I had to go up a couple of sizes before it felt comfortable but, fortunately they had a number of them in stock. What really sold me on this piece was the details; the weight, the gorgeous lining, and the elbow patches.




While at H&M, at the last minute, before checkout, I spotted an item similar to one I had coveted on Modcloth the day before– dotted tights! They were only $10 so I scooped them up! (I am using a stock photo, for all intensive purposes, since I have already worn these & stockings are not quite as nice to photograph out of the packaging.


How are you feeling about decorative and colored tights this season?

bannerfans_9165977 (1)

H&M was just one of the stops I made on the way to my ultimate goal: Sephora.

I’m fairly sure that I mentioned before that I live two hours from the nearest Sephora so when I go anywhere else, I usually make it my aim to stop in and make a couple of purchases. You’re probably thinking that I walked out with the coral colored lipstick I’ve been walking from Illamasqua but, I didn’t, shockingly. Once, I got there I decided to wait and look for it in the summer since it’s rather bright and it’s pretty much always available; not limited edition or anything.

First, I picked up a blush. The Laura Mercier one in the color “Plum Radiance” that was on my last wishlist doesn’t seem to be carried anywhere. I love the shade Violet Orchid from her, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for in terms of a purple undertone. I have never owned any NARS products although I have heard numerous great things about all of their stuff. Once I started browsing that section of the store, I suddenly realized why people fall in love with them. I immediately saw the color blush I’d been searching for. It gives a positively orgasmic glow to my cheeks. The color is “Mata Hari”. The only thing I don’t really like about this is the packaging. The plain, matte black shows fingerprints so easily!




(Sorry I didn’t swatch this!!)

Next, I was looking for a true oxblood lipstick. The closest thing I’ve found is Burberry’s “Oxblood No. 33” Lip Cover ($30), which is something I may eventually buy. But, for now I went a little more berry colored with a Bite Beauty lip pencil in the color “Bramble”. Also a brand I’ve never used before but, their products are completely food grade and the pigment is great! This color is really similar to a lipstick I already own but, I actually prefer the crayon-type, creamy application of this pencil better.




(Left: one stroke swatch; Right: heavy application swatch)

Something I love about this color is it’s something you can definitely build up.

The last thing I picked up at Sephora was a nail polish by Julep. It’s a mossy green color, similar to THIS ONE I’ve been googly-eyed over from Chanel. The difference? Julep’s was half the price.

This is the color “Kendra- It Girl”.




I can’t wait to get my nails done on Friday and finally have this shade on!

bannerfans_9165977 (2)

I am a huge fan of DSW and if you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you already know that. On my last wishlist, I showed you all the BCBG black booties I was going to buy. Unfortunately, once I got to the store, I found that they seemed cheaply made and didn’t feel as comfortable as I had hoped. Plus, the suede upper makes them slightly less wearable during fall/winter rainy days.

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with these, Nine West, booties, though. A MAJOR splurge at $100 but, definitely the most comfortable boot I own. Not to mention, EXTREMELY versatile. They also have awesome grip on the soles.




bannerfans_9165977 (3)

Chinatown is literally taking over Little Italy. There are streets and streets of vendors, restaurants, and more. I usually go there when I’m in search of a handbag, and a handbag is what I got.

I was able to get this baby for a steal- $30. I love the structure and interior separations; and, of course, the color.




I think this would function well all year long! And it fits a ton of stuff!

bannerfans_9165977 (4)

My mom has been talking about Uniqlo  for a year; since she last went to NY. Honestly, the way she described it and, my first impression when I walked in, was that it was a very odd store. But, once my eyes adjusted and I got “hands on” I found a few functional pieces that are versatile and work well with my current wardrobe.

My favorite thing is the first thing I picked up; what I like to call, a “puffy vest”. I recently got one of these for each of my boys, brand new, from eBay but, I have had a lot of trouble finding one I like for myself. Until… this teal, down-filled, duvet of a vest came jumping out at me from the racks at Uniqlo. It’s super lightweight, warm, and casual. Adds to the perfect autumn attire.


While visiting the shop, I fell distinctly and madly in love with Celia Birtwell (click HERE to shop her collections). All of her designs are completely my style and I wish I could stock up on just about everything from her website. I ended up with two things from her romantically influenced batch of contemporary goodies.

First this lovely, cream, silk oxford. I am just crazy about the pattern on this!




I also got a silk scarf (because I wasn’t brave enough to get the dress that has these colors and pattern on it). It looks great tied onto my Chinatown handbag.



So, that’s it for my haul from NYC. I can now promise you that I wont be spending a significant amount of money on anything for quite a while! I hope you enjoyed it!

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5 thoughts on “NYC 2013: Fall Haul (PIC HEAVY)

  1. Hey what is that little “swatch me” sticker on the Julep nail polish? Is it on the cap? I’m confused. Nice Haul! I especially love the Jacket ❤ Oh and I can totally see you rocking the heck out of those boots!

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