Lust Vs Must: Leatherette & Cheetah Ponte Jacket

I often enjoy the “Steal Of The Week” posts over at TopKnots & PolkaDots, moderated by a lovely lady with great fashion sense. I have even made a few purchases due to her persuasive writing and unique sense of style. Go check her out! 🙂

Anywho, I thought that, every now and then, I’d share with you guys dupes for expensive pieces that I’ve found for a steal. Sound good? Okay!

For a while now animal print has been all the rage and it’s no secret that I adore it too. Also, I made the comment a while back that the leather look streaked the runways this fall & I have followed this trend pretty closely. Fast forward a bit and combine the two… What do you get?


The LUST version of this chic outwear retails at Bloomingdales for a whopping $575! That’s much more than many of our wallets can handle. But, the MUST is only $30, online at 2BSTORES.COM (by Bebe). There are so many things I appreciate about this jacket that I don’t know where to begin…

For one, it has more structure than the upscale one from Bloomie’s which gives it a more sophisticated look. I love that it isn’t typical leopard print but, cheetah instead. It pairs nicely with the faux leather & blends like a neutral. Also, I feel that this could be dressed up or down. I’ve put together a work appropriate outfit that can translate into evening drinks, displaying the versatility of this piece.


chiffon blouse   |   pencil skirt |   ankle booties   |   cheetah earrings  |   metallic clutch


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