OOTD: Tomb Raider

Okay, so, I might be stretching it a bit with my Tomb Raider reference but, hey give me a little credit for trying to look tough. šŸ˜‰


Hubby called while he was waiting at the airport yesterday and said that he wanted to treat me to dinner tonight because I’ve been feeling lousy all week. Well, lately my tummy & my taste buds haven’t been friends so I told him to pick and I’d just be ready to go at 5 pm.

I haven’t yet expressed this to you guys but, I HATE wearing shorts with a passion. It makes me self-conscious and awkward and I feel like everyone is staring at me, even if they aren’t. But, for some reason, this was what I went for. I think I just want any excuse to wear my awesome “above the ankle” booties.

Military style is definitely something most gals are eventually gravitating towards style-wise. I am one of the few who doesn’t enjoy a khaki green, military jacket. Instead, I’m more influenced by military colors than actual clothing pieces. Below is the look I put together to enjoy a casual dinner with my hubs.





Fashion Credit:

Khaki Green Pleated Shorts (similar)- Consignment store (These are so old, I can’t even remember how much I paid.)

Black Tee– Target, $10

Cream Cable-Knit Vest (similar)- Forever 21 (old), approx $20

Black Ankle Booties (love these)- DSW (splurge) $100

Single Stone Necklace (adore this)- Forever 21 (old), $5


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