Lippie Splurge

My husband recently gave a speech and highlighted within it that most people tend to buy things when they’re anxious. I’m even like that, to an extent. Sometimes more than others.

It seems like, to me, that, every month, the week before Aunt Flo comes to visit, I have a psychotic (probably unreasonably real) pregnancy scare. You know, the whole, “Oh my gah, I might be pregnant!” feeling, right? Most women have had it. During that time, I tend to buy things (mostly makeup) in hopes of…well, I don’t exactly know. It’s not like the prettier I make myself the less pregnant I would be but, nevertheless, it’s a legitimate concern I’d say; especially, since I am currently unable to take any form of hormonal birth control.

Anyway, I was in Target on Thursday getting some baby needs (diapers, teething crackers…etc) for our 7 month old and ended up with not only my necessity items but, 4 different lip colors I felt like I couldn’t live without. Plus, the words “new” and “sale” in the same aisle is a dangerous duo for any female.

Below, I’ve linked, labeled, and swatched (hand & lips) the purchases I made. Enjoy 🙂

Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss in “Bellini”

This is pretty much the perfect peachy, nude color on it’s own but, I think it’d look great layered over a matte, nude lipstick; like, Revlon’s “Nude Attitude”.




Revlon ColorBurst LipButter in “Red Velvet”

This color is similar to the Bite Beauty “Bramble” that I swatched for you HERE. However, this pigmentation is a bit more sheer so it makes for a nice daytime look. It also has a little more a brown & berry undertone than true red which makes it a really nice autumn/winter color.




L’oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in “Everbloom”

This lipstick is an amazing, romantic shade of dusty rose with a bit of flirty pink mixed in. It goes on super smoothly! And it was on sale for $5.99 instead of he usual $8.99




L’oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in “Raspberry Rush”

A bit more of a summer color, I’d say, but definitely worth the buy. A bright pink shade that just makes me wish for the long, hot days of June. It’s semi-sheer for a lipstick and the color actually reminds me a little more of watermelon than of raspberry. A very wearable shade and a good alternative to the “baby pink” lips that have been so popular this year.




Do you guys plan on picking up any of these lippies? Which lipsticks are you falling in love with right now?


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