Lust Vs Must: Blu Bijoux Tuxedo Crystal Bib Necklace

Quin, again. Back for another Lust Vs Must post because I found a little piece of heaven I just couldn’t wait to tell you guys about! (AND I figured out how to make the pics bigger!! YAY!)

Lust vs Must: Faceted Necklace

The LUST, drop crystal necklace is gorgeous! So appropriate for work, cocktail hour, or a night out on the town. Unfortunately, if you buy this necklace, you might not have any money left for a night out! It retails at SHOPBOP.COM for $285! Yikes! I can hear your bank account screaming from here. 😮 Good thing I found a back-up that’s just as stunning.

Meet the MUST version of this fashionable neckwear. The Blu Bijoux Tuxedo Crystal Bib Necklace.

All the faceted gems and the gold plating make this beauty just as attractive as its high-end counterpart but, this one is only $38 at Max & Chloe. Here’s another great thing… Max & Chloe is offering $10 off your first purchase when you sign up for their newsletter! 😉 (You love the necklace even more now, don’t you?) It’s both elegant and bold; feminine and fierce. I adore the design of this accessory, not only because of the craftsmanship and sparkle but, because of it’s uniqueness and the numerous occasions it lends itself to.

Below is a sample outfit I put together using this item as the inspiration. I paired the necklace with a little black dress with faux leather trim, Marilyn Monroe styled pumps, and a pinkish-nude envelope clutch. The nails give a pop of color and flirtatiousness (OPI Pompeii Purple) and I added the smart aleck stud earrings to put in a bit of fun and humor. I would totally wear this to a wedding/cocktail hour. How would you parade this flashy piece of jewelry?

Cocktail Hour

Leather Trimmed LBD  | Marilyn Cap Toe Heels  | Clutch | Stud Earrings


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