Bold. Beautiful. Blue.

For the last few years, blue handbags have been spotted on the arm of numerous trend-setting celebrities.


And, this season, what is Glamour magazine (November 2013 issue) saying is the hottest accessory? A blue handbag!

When it comes to what you’re carrying your cell phone and keys around in, it’s gotta be a cool shade of this color. Apparently, America is going through a “blue crush” and black is ‘out’.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. I don’t consider myself materialistic and I definitely don’t think I’m a style icon but, when I saw these blue bags I whole-heartedly wanted one. They can go with virtually any other shade, pattern or print imaginable. And there are so many different designers making this kind of bag, you are sure to find one you like. I did!

I found a 50% coupon from Bijuju on my dresser when I was cleaning up the other day. You already know what a huge fan of theirs I am and I almost never walk out empty handed. This time was no different! I wandered around the store for a while trying to steer clear of the purses because I just bought one in New York but, temptation got the better of my and my eyes drifted to two lovely bags that had my name written all over them. One of them was designed similar to Michael Kors Hamilton Tote (that I love ever-so much but, cannot afford). For some reason, though I liked it, when I held it and looked into the mirror I felt like I was playing it safe. Needless to say, the other bag is what I walked out with…




I was drawn to it because of, not only the color, the slightly bucket shaped bottom, detailed handles, and textured body. It also has an optional shoulder strap that can be attached. It’s soft but, structured and will fit all of my necessities. Unfortunately, I can’t provide a link to this bag because it is “in store” only and not sold on Bijuju’s website. But, I thought it was an amazing deal for $22 (half off)!

Here are some others I’m loving– ranging from $36 to $90. Which do you like best?

Do you already own a blue carryall? If not, do you plan to before winter is over?

Bold. Beautiful. Blue.

Satchel| Mini Bucket Bag| Tassel Bucket Bag| Washed Biker Bag | Perforated Boston Bag

3 thoughts on “Bold. Beautiful. Blue.

    • No prob! I’m usually not a huge magazine reader but, when I saw the gorgeous blue bags in Glamor I definitely felt the “wow” factor 🙂 Post pics when you get one!

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