Mini Haul Feat. BH Cosmetics & MAC


So, I didn’t go hog wild and spend a ton of money on this stuff ( I order it over the last few weeks) but, I got a few things I’ve had on my list since last year! I’m pretty excited to share these with you since I’ve gotten a chance to experiment a little with them.  Also, this haul includes my very first BH Cosmetics purchase ever!

1. BH Cosmetics Loose Glitter


This product is something that I’ve been looking for since 2011; ever since I watched Tanya Burr’s Heidi Klum Make-up Tutorial for the holidays. I’d never really thought about putting loose glitter on my eyes but, in the tutorial it seemed like such a fun and glamorous look! But, every time I went to a cosmetics store after that, I, either forgot or, couldn’t find it in the typical drugstore brands.

When I wandered onto the BH website and saw their “Glitter Collection” I just couldn’t help myself! They have every color under the sun and I was tempted to buy more than one. However, not knowing if it was something I’d like I decided to refrain until I tried it out & stuck with a neutral silver color. My initial reaction was that I was quite shocked at how intense the shimmer is, even inside the packaging. The particles are very fine but, they give off a LARGE amount of sparkle. I was definitely hesitant to swatch this.

When I finally did apply this to my lid, while playing around before a shower (just in case I looked like a clown by the end), I used a damp shadow brush. While there is quite a bit of fall out when you first put this on, I am impressed with the staying power that these little morsels have! It doesn’t feel heavy or caked on AT ALL and, just so you have fair warning, it is an amazing amount of glimmer to put on your face. The packaging says that it can be used on your eyes, face, and body in any way you choose. I purchased it strictly for the eye area, although I am still contemplating where I will wear this type of eye make-up. It might be fun for a concert or party with friends, when you have cause to dress a little more eccentric than ‘normal’.

As with most glitter products you cannot completely wash this off with one sitting. As I said, I got straight into the shower about 20 minutes after using it and still have a few speckles on myself after washing my face twice and my body with exfoliating scrub– somehow it ended up even on my shoulder! But, that’s to be expected and shouldn’t be too big of a deal since this isn’t really meant for every day use. For sure worth the $4.50 I spent for it.

2. BH Makeup Remover Towelettes


Alright, I told you guys, I don’t use makeup remover and needed suggestions… While talking to my mom shortly after, she was telling me about these wonderful exfoliating wipes she uses by Simple. (You can view them HERE) They do make your face feel soft and fantastic but, they aren’t really purposed fully for removing makeup. After I added the loose glitter to my cart I noticed that the BH makeup remover towelettes were on sale for just $2.95!

My first thoughts when seeing this in person was that they were ‘cheap’, mostly because of the packaging; it looks rather generic. I wasn’t really enthusiastic about using these until I started swatching products… I didn’t have anything nearby to wipe ‘long-lasting’ lipstick and eyewear off my skin and these worked great. Later, I used them on my face too and they are actually really great. The towelette itself is very soft and the formula in them is gentle and  powerful all at the same time. I was pleasantly surprised to see that these weren’t as disappointing as I had originally judged them to be. The downside, though, is that I don’t know if I’ll re-stock these when they are gone because I don’t really want to pay shipping & handling for such a small amount of product.

3.  MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot




I have had my eye on the paint pots at MAC for quite some time… Haven’t we all? I’ve read so many different reviews on these and it seems like everyone just loves them. The ones that seem most popular are “Painterly” and “Camel Coat” so, those were the two I was debating between. But, when I started really examining the online swatches, I realized that painterly was too light for me and camel coat is too dark. I was about to give up hope… and then I discovered “Layin’ Low”; a wonderful pinky, beige that blends flawlessly with my skin. (Below is an unblended sample.)


When this color is actually blended onto my eyelid, you can’t tell the difference between it and my skin.

My original intuition about this color matched my feeling when I opened it. My eyes probably bugged out of my skull when I saw how perfect the shade was for my olive complexion that changes color every six months; darker in the summer, lighter in the winter. I think this color will adjust with both seasons.

It is a little more dry than I expected so I make sure that I swirl my finger around a bit in the pot to heat it up enough to go on smoothly. But, when they named this “Longwear”, it was no joke. This formula doesn’t crease and will last as long as you like. I love it alone and as a base, especially for nude shades, paired with a classic black liner.

4. MAC Lipstick in “Dubonnet”




I’ll be completely honest with you: I am absolutely obsessed with red lipsticks.

I’m STILL on the search for the perfect oxblood but, we’ll talk about that another time…

“Dubonnet” is a red shade with a definite ‘brick’ undertone. To be straightforward, I was massively disappointed when I opened this. It wasn’t really what I was expecting and I have never bought lipstick online so I was, of course, kicking myself for not just going to the MAC store and testing it first. The swatch was a little lack luster to me in comparison to the color I had in mind when scouring the internet the other night. I hung my head, put it back in the box, and thought, “Well, there’s a waste of $15.”

Later that night, though, I decided to take it back out and try it on my lips. It applies and builds to be a lot darker than it seems in the tube. A nice happy medium between vamp, berry lips and a true, fire-roasted tomato red. I swatched it next to all of my other red lipsticks and noticed that it was actually very different from any of the ones I already own, contrary to my primary opinion upon opening it. Overall, this color is definitely growing on me but, I don’t recommend it for those of you who feel like you can’t carry a strong autumn inspired lip.

The things I did immediately like about this, after trying it on, is that it goes on as smooth as butter and when they say long-lasting… again, THEY MEAN IT. I wore this Saturday afternoon out with my family and it didn’t even wear off through eating, drinking, AND a nap! Never will I doubt MAC products when they say they have staying power!


So, there you have it; my little mini haul. I hope you enjoyed!

Let me know if you own any of these products and love/hate them or if you plan to take the plunge and purchase one 🙂


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