Betsey Johnson: Bows & Beyond

I can’t really reiterate enough times how little I knew or cared about style, fashion, beauty…etc., until about a year or two ago. On one hand I think this balanced me out as a person and I have more appreciation for nice things now; especially when they’re on sale. 😉 But, one thing that I’ve always done, no matter what, is choose items that suit me and my preferences– whether they are “in style” or not. Mostly because one of the biggest things I’m NOT going to do, is change myself for other people and what they like.

That brings me to why I am writing about Betsey Johnson and all things fabulously designed by her on my blog today. She is one lovely lady that seems to know herself exceedingly well, and has the bio to prove that it’s worked for her. After 41 years of owning her own brand and styling dozens of celebrities, she’s still going strong! If she isn’t working on her next big fashion trend, tweeting her inspirations & tips, or having fun with her friends and family, you might just find her doing cartwheels at the end of a runway. She, and her daughter, Lulu, even launched a reality TV show earlier this year. If there’s one thing you’ve already figured out from this post, it’s that Betsey Johnson is one hard worker. And, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a personal fan of hers.


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Well known for her girlish and playful creations, humor, and a vivacious personality, there isn’t much to not adore about her! Betsey’s dynamic seems contagious and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of her when she wasn’t smiling.

At 71 years old, she appears to have struck the perfect balance between confidence and whimsy. Lesson? Never underestimate someone with a lot of life experience; they might just end up being a global sensation. 😉

I’d like to show you guys a few things I’ve been drooling (heavily) over in Betsey’s online store. If you decide to visit, make sure you check out her blog, Betsey’s Bubbles, to see what’s she’s been up to most recently.

Heavens To Betsey!

  • JET SET BOW GEM NECKLACEThis necklace is the quintessential item for any fan of Betsey’s. I admire it to pieces and definitely wish it was a part of my jewelry collection. It’s the perfect feminine counterpart to a man’s bow-tie and a statement that needs no assistance getting it’s point across. Glamorous. Gorgeous. Timeless.
  • DRESSY BETSEY TOTE-  I fell madly in love with this tote as soon as I laid eyes on it. It’s very sophisticated and womanly due to the colors and print but, the fact that it’s a tote makes it a wonderful option for an everyday bag. Whether you’re headed out to your desk job or you’re a mom on the go, this bag could work for you.
  • PENNIE PUMP in “Cognac Suede”- Mary-jane inspired platforms? Yes, please! The three strap detail, metallic fasteners, and almost six inches of height “had me at hello”. This shoe is oozing with personality and sensuality. The neutral shade makes is a great go-to when you’re looking for something versatile and ladylike.
  • OMBRE LACE SLEEVELESS DRESS- Ombre has been beloved by many in the fashion industry, in the past few years. The good news is that this trend looks like it’s here to stay! I did a double take of this edgy & artistic lace dress; only imagining the numerous different ways it can be worn. It translates well from season to season and stands out in a crowd.

So, there you have my latest infatuation. I hope you guys are enjoying Betsey and her fashionableness as much as I am!

Have a great day! ♥

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