Obsessed with…Max & Chloe


It’s not a secret that Max & Chloe is one of the biggest names in affordable jewelry right now, and it’s no surprise why. Their website is user friendly, they’re interactive with their fans, and they have gorgeous items that have fantastic price points to match. Whether you have a rocker chic style or a Marie Antoinette vibe, they are sure to have products in stock that allow you to customize your look even further.

The co-founder and president of Max & Chloe, Jamie Kovelman, prides herself on being a successful business woman and says she gets inspired by things around her. That inspiration has lead to her owning more than one jewelry company, Max & Chloe being the most popular. She says, ” I understand consumers and what they want in a product…” and, in my opinion, she’s right! Her vision, along with the business’ affiliates and all the lovely people behind the scenes, have transformed this online sensation into a 300+ designer treasure trove.

With almost 30,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook and just over 8,000 followers on Twitter it’s easy to see just how much love is being thrown their way; and with good reason. Faceted gems (like the necklace I blogged here), monograms, intricate details, and a state of grace define their selection of all things beautiful. Why not head over to the online store now and take a look? You won’t regret it!

I thought I’d show you, while I have you here, the things that I’m lusting after from their current abundance of sparkle 🙂

Max & Chloe

  • SHEER ADDICTION VERA BRACELET- This piece has my style written all over it! Charming, vintage, with a modern twist. This eye-catching, one of a kind, bracelet has contemporary elements meshed with an antique overtone. Neutral enough to be a daytime accessory but, polished enough for evening wear as well. Are you thinking, “I need this in my life!” as much as I am?
  • ANDARA DOUBLE GEOMETRIC PEACOCK & SILVER DRUZY DANGLE EARRINGS- Druzy stones are incomparably versatile. I have been looking for the perfect pair forever, and I might have just found them. (Plus, anything with the name “peacock” in it is a given winner.) Within a rainbow of color and an plenty of texture you find these glamorous, square/rectangle wonders! The gold plating makes the tones stand out so much and the fact that they are two inches in size means that these will be visible (and enviable) to everyone you’re around. Gotta love them!
  • BLYDESIGN TRIBE NECKLACE- I’m a lover of almost anything with a hint of tribal flair. This necklace hits the nail on the head in terms of casualty, refinement, and intrigue. Definitely a statement piece that would start some conversations! The gold flecks atop the black obsidian make this look completely high-end, and you, runway ready.
  • KAREN LONDON LOVE TRIANGLE RING- I’m a simple girl when it comes to rings (aside from my engagement ring/wedding band). Rings like this Karen London design, in brass, are extremely wearable and can quickly add luxury to an, otherwise plain, ensemble. The woven detail and contrast give a sense of romance and culture to this piece; completely dazzling. The Max & Chloe website also says that this ring is small enough to be stacked with others if you are looking for a more dramatic effect.

There you go, guys! I hope you enjoyed my rave, and that you find your own Max & Chloe wishlist to gush about 🙂


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