Kelly Osbourne: Get The Look

Kelly Osbourne is the kind of “tough girl” pretty we all wish we could pull off. She has an independent spirit and she isn’t afraid to show it. Just have a look at her Instagram feed! She has a spunky personality, lovely lavender hair, and killer style. She did a spread with The Coveteur earlier this year and I just couldn’t get over the look that they showcased.

Of course, Kelly is already amazingly gorgeous and spectacularly talented. She now carries numerous titles in the pop culture world, and “designer” is among them. Here are some of her words of advise from the (above mentioned) article: “…Great style isn’t about looking picture perfect all the time. You wear your clothes. Your clothes should never wear you.”

If you’d like to put together an appearance similar to the one she wore in the feature, check out the collection I’ve put together below.

A super relaxed, current, and relatable outfit.

Kelly Osbourne: Get The Look

Celine Tee|Printed Pants|Platform Pumps|Chain Necklace


2 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne: Get The Look

  1. Those pants are so unique and bright- I don’t know if I would have picked them out, but when I see them styled, they look really great. This is why you have to try everything on, right!? I would love to have a similar pair!!

    • I can totally see a pair like this on you. I want to find a cheaper version that the ones I pictured here. I have a hard time dropping over $100 on one item but, I love the concept of this outfit

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