MUA Professional: Dusk Til Dawn Palette

So, last week I received MUA Professional’s Dusk Til Dawn palette. I was so excited because I had no idea when it was going to come since tracking packages isn’t offered by most UK companies shipping to the US; if they ship to the United States at all. I had ordered this palette about 3 weeks prior, so having the post man unexpectedly come to my door with a package marked “Royal Mail”…  I was thrilled!


MUA is a brand I’d never heard of before, until I read THIS lovely little post about their “Undress Me Too” palette by Hannah at The Beauty Advice Blog. After that, I couldn’t stop thinking about the gorgeous colors she showcased and how rich they looked but, how affordable they were. Needless to say, sooner than later, I found myself on the MUA website/online store. I was more than prepared to purchase the “Undress Me Too” palette but, sadly, it was out of stock; for numerous days. I decided that I would just wait until it came back in stock and immediately order it, however, I am not the most patient of people and the allure of the perfect autumn colors kept me coming back day after day to check the status of my must-have item. As I was browsing the site on one of these particular days, I started to consider some of the other palettes available.

When I came across the Dusk Til Dawn set, I was grinning from ear to ear, knowing this would be my first MUA purchase. And for just over $6, why not?!

This palette comes with 12 shimmering colors that can be used to easily create a natural looking daytime face, or a dramatic eye for a night out.




These colors are so vivid and pigmented really well. They have a very velvety texture and can be applied evenly, even without the use of a base. (However, I prefer a base with all of my eyeshadows.)

I have swatched the top and bottom rows for you in direct sunlight and the shade so that you can see the true tint of these colors.

Top Row



Bottom Row



Some of the darker, more impressive looking, colors have a higher amount of glitter particles. (Beware of fall out!) And I also wish that the colors had names listed with them; it would be so much easier to share them with online readers and friends. But, overall, I am so pleased and impressed that with this palette “what you see is what you get.” The only hue in this palette that I am unsure about using is the charcoal shade on the bottom row, second from the left. I seem to have a harder time building that one up and have a lot of glitter floating around verses actual color. That being said, every shadow included in this MUA palette is stunning and can be used with the rainbow that is your wardrobe year ’round.

What do you think of MUA? Do you have this palette or another one you love using?


6 thoughts on “MUA Professional: Dusk Til Dawn Palette

    • This is my first MUA purchase and I wouldn’t turn back. The prices are so great and palette is really good quality. I mean, it’s not MAC or Smashbox but it’s definitely better than some drugstore brands I’ve tried

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