OOTD: Pattern + Pleather

As I posted last week, the weather in North Carolina is holding it’s own. Most days now are sunny and in the 60’s or 70’s which makes it perfect for a light jacket & scarf.

Today, I wasn’t feeling very well and usually when I’m down and out I want to wear something flowy and comfortable and large. However, “large” usually means misshapen or lacking shape altogether. I had a few places to go, I knew, later in the day and didn’t want to change my clothes a three times before the day was through so, I resorted to one of my favorite maxi dresses ever! I got this dress at Dillard’s  about three years ago, when they were having a sale. The dress immediately caught my attention because of the purple and green ombre effect on the fabric and the busy pattern. (You could always tame it down by wearing a standard leopard print like this.) It had been marked down three times and I scored it for right around $30! I have worn it to numerous occasions, such as my wedding shower, student/teacher conference… you name it. The only thing I can think of that this dress would be inappropriate for is a funeral!

Seeing as how it has spaghetti straps, I obviously would’ve been freezing had I left the house without some type of outerwear. Fortunately, this past week I bought an amazing, vegan leather, moto jacket from Francesca’s; the last one they had in stock, and it happened to be my size! It had to be mine! I have been wearing it non-stop since I got it home. I use any excuse to throw it on with a tee and jeans, a dress up outfit for a meeting or dinner… It goes with everything! Seriously, guys, if you haven’t invested in one of these yet, now is the time to do it. There are higher-end options like Michael Kors, who makes pretty much everything he touches turn into something fabulous. But, Mango & Zara, have great choices too!

{MK: Faux Leather; Real Leather} {Mango: Quilted Biker Jacket} {Zara: Moto Jacket with Zips}

I paired these two items with my wonderful Nine West black, ankle booties (that I include in almost every post nowadays) and a gray, faux ostrich handbag from Bijuju… You may also love their “All Gray Everything” bag if mixing patterns/textures isn’t your thing. But, to those of you with this mind set, I admonish, “Try it, you’ll like it!”

The filigree earrings came from Cato about a year ago. I am a sucker for big, dangly earrings and these had my heart right from the start. Filigree is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite way to channel something antique without making your entire ensemble look like it’s from a renaissance festival. I personally love the detail in it and view it as wearable art. The great thing is, too, that you can find them very inexpensively. Here are some from Target, that are similar to the ones I’m wearing in the photos.






If you gals are still wearing your maxi dresses this fall, post a link in the comments to your outfits! I’d love to see how you’re transitioning them to fit the season. 🙂

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