Maybelline Master Smoky (Buyers Beware)


Okay, I’m just gonna come right out and say it… I’m obsessed with Polyvore. I am logged on pretty much every day, at least once, to see the new finds in clothes and cosmetics. One of the newest I came across was Maybelline’s MasterSmoky Long-Wearing Shadow Pencil. Immediately loved the idea of keeping this in my purse or diaper bag for those times when I’m rushing out the door with my makeup half done and being able to easily finish up with a few swipes and smudges. In an emergency drug store run the other day, I swung by and grabbed this in the cosmetics aisle before making the rest of my purchases. I decided on the color “Smoldering Violet” since purple is universally flattering and makes green eyes stand out. (See photo; image source)

The other day, while I was waiting for my step-son’s school bus, I didn’t have a stitch of makeup on but, needed to run errands without looking half dead so, smeared on some concealer and lipgloss. Then, I reached for my master smoky pencil…

I adore smoky eye makeup. I think it suits most people and is pretty easy to apply when you don’t have a lot of time because the idea is for it to look perfectly imperfect. And, most of the time, I am pleased with the results of a Maybelline product However, I am sad to say, that I am sorely disappointed with this one in particular.

The liner/shadow itself isn’t soft enough to really glide on smoothly so it takes a few moments to really get the placement. that you want. It sets up very quickly, which makes it almost impossible to smudge. I felt like I was going to just rub the product right off as hard as I was trying to get it to move with the sponge!
The sponge, on it’s own, is rough & not really suitable for a blending tool. In fact, most of the liner stayed exactly where I first put it so, I’m not sure if the smudger really serves a purpose at all.

The pigmentation is, I’d say, a 7 out of 10 but, not “ultra saturated” as the advertising suggests. Also, it is said to be “creamy” and “blendable” which I, personally, did not find to be true. I do, however, think that with a base shadow and some color blending with other products that this could work nicely as a standard eyeliner. It especially looks good as a pop of color under the eye. But, buyers beware– Maybelline says the smoky eye has never been easier. I say, you’re better off with a paint pot and your finger.


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