November 2013 Wishlist

Surprisingly, I didn’t post a wishlist in October. I guess we were too busy and I was on a slight spending spree so I didn’t really feel like it was necessary to add insult to injury, especially when my pocketbook is involved.
But, November is just getting started. And while, I usually don’t purchase everything I want in the short time span of a month, I thought I would group together all of the things I’ve had my eye on the last few weeks and hopefully I’ll be able to accumulate a few of them within the next few weeks. Of course, if I do, I’ll be sure to post photos, write reviews…etc.

Wishlist Nov 2013

1) Numero uno on my list for this autumn/winter is a bobble hat! I’ve seen an innumerable amount of really cute ones online, but I have to admit that, I like a fresh white one best. I found the Cream Mohair Mix Cable Knit one, pictured in the set above, at New Look for only $10! Since it is the most attainable and the most practical of all the things I currently want, it’s first in line for purchase.

2) I’ve never tried an Origins product in my life but, all of the reviews that you lovely ladies write on the brand keep me curious. While coveting (almost) everything on Sephora’s website the other night, I discovered their Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. For those of you who don’t know, I am a beauty mask freak! I love the way they make my face feel and look after use and I haven’t really every used one that I didn’t like. However, I am subjecting this Origins one to harsher criticism since it seems to be a brand that’s very trustworthy and gossiped about frequently. It’s $24 but, I think I might just have to pick this up sooner than later.

3) You don’t need me to mention anymore times on the blog what an insane Smashbox fanatic I am but, hey! Repetition is for emphasis, right? This beloved brand released a new eyeshadow palette called Full Exposure.

Now, another eyeshadow palette is probably the last thing I need but, I actually decided that I need to get rid of my old Stila palette that I mentioned in a couple of older posts. The eyeshadows don’t go on smoothly, the shades are repetitious, and the pigmentation takes forever to build. I don’t, in general, have anything against Stila products; I just prefer other brands and see a definite advantage in purchasing the Full Exposure palette in the near future. I can only seem to find this on the Sephora website, not the Smashbox one or Ulta so, I’m not sure if it’s exclusive to their store or if it’s available in other locations. It’s not labeled as “limited edition” but, I will be keeping a close watch on this item so that it doesn’t slip through my fingers.

4) If any of you are on Polyvore and are following me, you probably saw the set I put together the other day featuring a pair of 2-tone, ankle strap, heels from Dorothy Perkins. (If you haven’t seen the set yet, you can do so by clicking HERE.) Ever since then, I have been looking for some for myself. I found these similar, ALDO Nolazco, styled ones on sale and in my size. However, since I own about a billion pair of shoes (or at least my husband thinks so) already, I don’t really need to scoop them up as quickly. This is a timeless style seen again and  again so, if these sell out before I get to them, I’ll just go on another shoe hunting adventure for something identical.

5) Number five on my wishlist is something I’ve been yearning for, oh…probably for about a year now. NARS Sheer Glow foundation. It’s not at the top of my wishlist just because it’s always around, very attainable, and I already own about as many foundations as I do shoes. (Shhh… no one tell my husband 😛 ) I feel like I’ve read so many reviews on just about every NARS product that every time I buy one, I’m just jumping on the bandwagon. But, what a GREAT bandwagon it is to be on! True quality products with this brand!

So, what about you beauty seekers? Do you own any of these products? Is one, or more, of them on your wishlist?
Post links to your wishlist below! I’d love to see what your heart desires 🙂


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