Alexa Chung: Get The Look

The name “Alexa Chung” has been on the lips of every fashion and beauty blogger recently and here’s why…

She’s thirty, flirty, and thriving!

Alexa started modeling when she was 16 and has maintained a distinct, effortlessly chic, style that designers everywhere have been inspired by. From her trademark cat eye eyeliner technique, featured in Glamour Magazine, to her NYC influenced wardrobe, Ms. Chung is making quite the impression on just about everyone.

I particularly like she always looks like “herself” in her clothes; never like she is trying to keep up with, or copy, someone else. A woman that respects herself enough to like what she likes, no matter what people think about it, gets my vote every time. Alexa’s look is trademarked by comfort, class, and spunk. Her quirky twist on average pieces is what makes it exciting to see what she’s going to have on next!

The look I’ve chosen to imitate today is something that I think a lot of women would be comfortable in during this transitional stage in the seasons. You can never go wrong, in the midst of autumn, with an oversized knit and a suede ankle bootie. But, mix those up with an edgy faux leather skirt & a girly clutch, and SHAZAM! you’ve turned yourself into a style icon.

Alexa Chung Look Alike

Knitted Jumper |Leather-Look Skirt |Black Booties| Heart Patterned Clutch


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