Workweek & Weekend: What To Wear

Not much time to blog today, as I am headed out to shoot a 7 hour wedding for a lovely North Carolina couple. 🙂 If you care to check out their sneak peek photos, head over to my Facebook page tomorrow!

Anyway, I thought I might give you a bit of weekend wear inspiration for those of you who may be attended some kind of fall festival, touring your own town/city, or are on a weekend getaway. Whenever we do these things, we all want to be comfortable and warm, but not under-dressed. So, I have put together an outfit that allows you to stay stylish and relaxed while enjoying your favorite activities with the ones you love.

I paired a pair of skinny jeans in a very dark wash with a lighter, loose-fitting, chambray top. The fact that it’s button up says business but, we can make it festive with a bit of bling. I added a crystal/stone necklace with a flower layout to spice up the look and adorn a neutral top with some femininity and sparkle; simple cubic zirconia studs complement this element nicely.

A casual blazer, in the same color family, serves to provide structure, class, and a layer of warmth. Figure in a lace-less pair of informal oxfords, an earth toned, all-purpose handbag, & a fedora and you’ve got polished, well-composed, weekend wear. I also think this would be majorly appropriate for a work week, if your office has a casual Friday. Personally, I would wear something like this to a client consultation, to give someone a photography quote. Can you see youself in this get up?

Work Weekend

Jeans|Chambray Button-Up|Blazer|Necklace|Lace-less Oxfords|Fedora


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