Boots No7: Product Review

Boots, is something I’ve heard a lot about on blogs from those in the UK. It’s also a store that I’ve been insanely jealous that we don’t have in the USA because it sounds like they sell just about everything you could want when it comes to beauty. My wallet is probably thankful I wasn’t born on the other side of the Atlantic…

I didn’t know, though, that Target sold Boot’s No7 line, and when I was there the other day… everything was 15% off! So, I grabbed a couple of things I thought would be most practical for me to try and, now that I’ve used them, I feel I can give a proper review. This may be a bit routine for you British beauty bloggers but, hopefully some of you Target shoppers will get in on the goods as well.

No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser


Do you see what it says there? “1 simple step to perfectly clean, supple skin.” And, my oh my, how true that is!

I have used the same brands of skin care products for years and rarely go out of my way to try something new. I’ve never had bad acne or dark spots on my skin so I keep my routine simple, find what works, and stick to it. What possessed me to veer from the familiar this time, I’m not sure but, it was the right choice!

I was surprised, although I shouldn’t have been, that this gel doesn’t suds at all when you rub it onto your damp skin. It simply smoothes on and removes makeup and dead cells…etc. However, there is no exfoliation or scrubbing action of any kind.

After rinsing my face, I couldn’t tell if I had gotten all of the gel off or not because my face was remarkably smooth. I was almost afraid that the serum had somehow left my skin oily instead of ‘squeaky clean’. Before, I completely freaked out, though, I decided to dry off my face and see if I noticed a difference. Within five minutes of patting my face down with a towel, I could tell my skin was not only clean but, intensely moisturized. Also, I want to mention that I had worn a pretty heavy, smokey eye that day and it removed all of the eyeliner and kohl pencils I used! I was genuinely impressed.

The smell is purely addictive. It’s profoundly aromatic perfume scent that may be too much for some and just right for others. I love it! It’s a stark contrast to the medicinal scent of other facial soaps, cleansers, & toners.

This is definitely marked for repurchase as soon as I run out!

No7 Extravagant Volume Mascara in Black


I’m a bit fussy when it comes to mascaras. They can’t be too clumpy, too thin, too damp, the brush has to be “just right”…etc. I almost feel like Goldie Locks when hunting for an acceptable mascara. For $8, on a whim, I felt like my purchase of this “extravagant” tube was justified. Now that I’ve used it, no justification is necessary. I’m truly in love with this mascara. Although, it’s not my absolute favorite, it’s definitely a contender; which is saying a lot for a brand I’ve never used.

The wand is soft and bendy, silicone type material. The flexible bristles are well distributed, the formula is thin but not runny or “wet” feeling, and it never gets clumpy. It winged out my eyelashes into the perfect flair and the flat, black color looked natural. While, I’m not sure I would use this for more glamorous eye makeup looks, it’s wonderful for every day use and I think it’d be a nice way to give your ordinary lashes a boost before applying falsies.

If you haven’t tried Boots No7 yet, run out to your nearest Target and try, if nothing else, these two products! Pretty soon, you’ll start swearing by them like I do. 😉


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