OOTD: On A Whim




Threw this outfit together on a whim. I’ve been looking for stretchy, comfy skirts that can still look professional lately and when I found this polka dotted, pencil skirt at Target the other day I snapped it up in an instant! Plus, it was on sale for $12. πŸ™‚ When I got home, I realize that (sadly) I don’t own a navy blue top to go with the skirt. But, I found in the back of my closet, this polyester tank top in a jewel tone with navy accents on the pockets. Voila! The only thing I don’t like about this top is that it doesn’t photograph well. It looks like it’s buckling out and causes me to look like I have a large bump to hide so, in advance, I’M NOT PREGNANT. (At least, not that I’m aware of!)

Since the weather is in-between today and it is easy to get hot in the sun, yet cold in the shade I went for an optional jacket and a standard navy handbag. Remember, blue is the new black! Also, gray, suede, oxford pumps add a vintage element to the look in a neutral color that doesn’t detract or overpower the rest of the outfit.

Finding easily accessible pieces, in a wrinkle resistant fabric, and staying warm while doing it couldn’t be a better day at the office.

Have a great day! It’s almost the weekend πŸ˜‰

P.S. I cut my hair yesterday and got bangs. Right now it’s been straightened with flat iron by my stylist & I’m still getting used to them. I honestly can’t wait to wash my hair and see what they look like with more body!

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