Love Pink: Top Four

As the admirable Audrey Hepburn once put it, “I believe in pink…”

I’ve said before that I never used to be much of a pink lover. However, I’ve made exceptions over the past few years to include a wider range of shades in my wardrobe. From salmon, to coral, to fuchsia… I’m starting to like them all.

There has been lots of talk, by stylists everywhere, that pink is an absolute necessity in the closet and, according to makeup artists, it’s just as vital to have it in your makeup bag. Today I wanted to share with you the top four, affordable pink lipsticks I own, love, and wear often (in no particular order). All of them are extremely wearable for the average makeup junkie, like myself.


Now, we all love our MAC, NARS, & YSL. But, when it comes to running down to your local drugstore, which pink should you choose? Well, bear in mind that I am a fairly medium/olive skinned gal so these look good on most naturally tanned ladies. There are some variations that I may mention throughout the article for other skin tones. But, of course, we all know, swatching is a lipstick lover’s best friend.


From left to right: A Plum Prospect, Pink Vinyl, Plunge, Raspberry Rush


1) Maybelline Color Whisper, “A Plum Prospect”– My most recent find on the forefront of lip colors, inspired by the photo (below) of Kelly Osbourne in Glamour magazine.

The blurb in the magazine suggested that, for those that love the color on Kelly’s lips, beauty fanatics try “Dragon Pink” from By Terry. But, as I am on a bit of a self-imposed spending ban right now, I couldn’t fathom spending $35 on a shade that isn’t available near me to try at a makeup counter first. So, I read blogs, and searched photos, and swatched a million colors in the aisles at Target until I found one I thought would do justice to the photo above.

Although, the title of the line is called “color whisper”, A Plum Prospect is pretty ‘loud’. It’s not as much of a full coverage color but, can be layered to create a very pigmented look. It’s silky smooth going on &, even though it’s not a 14hr lip color, it’s definitely worth buying; despite a little bit of reapplication after eating, kissing…etc.

It does look a bit more purple in the tube than it does when it is actually put on your lips. But, nevertheless, I feel that the darker tint is ideal for the autumn and winter months. Also, it’s a great way to start off for those of you who may be wary of an all out commitment the femininity of pink. [You might also want to check out Maybelline’s Color Sensational Vivids “Hot Plum” for a more dramatic, pinker version of this hue. Read Temptalia’s review HERE.]

2) L’Oreal Color Caresse by Color Riche, “Pink Vinyl”– Love this flush color for a summer inspired look and adore the way it looks mixed with “Fiery Veil”- a orange shade from the same line & brand. I wore that look recently to a doctors appointment and got several compliments that it was a fantastic look for fall.

Anyway… Pink Vinyl has a natural looking vibrance that is both ladylike and flirty. It glides on without difficulty and leaves your lips tinted even after the initial sheen is gone. For girls with lighter skin tones & yellow/neutral undertones, I recommended going a couple hue’s softer to “Cotton Pink”.

3) Illamasqua “Plunge”– This was the very first pink lipstick I ever bought, at a Sephora, in Las Vegas. I was looking for something eye catching, different from anything I already owned (which was pretty much one red lipstick), and was not super shiny. Illamasqua lipsticks are perfect for all three purposes.

Plunge is a highly saturated, bright mauve, that is long-lasting and makes a bold statement. Although I find it to be rather drying, putting on a good lip balm/base does allow it to glide on more smoothly and creates a more faultless finish. Below is a vacation photo from the first day I discovered this lovely lippy.

4) L’Oreal Color Riche, “Raspberry Rush” I showed you guys this one before, HERE and it’s really grown on me since then.

This is a little more of a reddish-pink and has sheer coverage but, it’s fitting when you’re looking for an attention grabber. At first, I thought that his was going to be more of a summer color but, I find myself reaching for it more and more lately. It brightens up the grey days, and your smile. 🙂

Pair it with a fresh, femme blush and a lacy ensemble for some seriously, delicate flair. Or, add a bold cheek like MAC “Frankly Scarlet” , layers of mascara, & a leather jacket for an edgy appeal.


From left to right: A Plum Prospect, Pink Vinyl, Plunge, Raspberry Rush



From top to bottom: Raspberry Rush, Plunge, Pink Vinyl, A Plum Prospect

I hope you guys enjoyed looking at the pretty pink goodies in my makeup stash! Let me know if you make any purchases or have some faves of your own!




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