Get The Look: Demi Lovato

With the release of her new book, X-factor ventures, the launch of her scholarship program, the loss of her father, and the demands of her music/acting career– Demi Lovato has a lot on her plate for a 21 year old. Being the same age, I have to admire the spunk and determination that it takes for her to have her fingers in so many pots. YOU GO GIRL!

Somehow, amidst it all, Demi has been able to maintain her image as a strong and modest role model for young women everywhere and had this to say on her life experience, “I’ve learned a lot and I’ve grown up, and we’re all in the process of doing that.” I couldn’t agree more; we never ever stop learning about ourselves and how to deal with others.

Within the process of her ‘growing up’ Demi has had some pretty dramatic changes in her appearance. From Disney channel to the red carpet, she’s always stayed true to herself and kept it stylish. Today I wanted to share the look she wore to the Teen Choice Awards in August and show you how you can get a similar look with less expensive pieces.

Demi Lovato: Get The Look

The 80’s make a strong statement with a classic pair of black, leather pants. However, they get a sophisticated makeover with a stunning, platform boot and a brocade blazer, layered over an oversized, relaxed tee. The strategically tiered necklaces keep the look cohesive and polished but, maintain a young & fresh vibe. Sparkly stud earrings aren’t overdramatic but, they’re simply elegant & go with a rocker chic look that this popstar carries off without a flaw . Although Demi wasn’t carrying a handbag in this photo, I decided to add a metallic clutch to finish off the outfit.

Recently, Demi told Entertainment Weekly, “…I ended up going through some stuff. I realized I’m never going to escape the fact that I’m in the public eye, so I might as well do the best I can.” Well, I’m here to say that, so far, we like what you’ve got!

Shop the look below:


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