Debut: Saturday Spoils

Hey guys! I think I might be kind of over doing it be trying to post something new every single day so I am going to try to update as often as possible without flooding your feeds with unnecessaries. I think it’s holding me back from a lot of my other responsibilities and I don’t want to get burned out on ideas. You know I want to keep things fresh! So, I’ll still be posting ootd’s and beauty/lifestyle tips; just not daily. And, remember, if there is a specific article you’d like to see from me, you can mostly definitely make a request. 😉

In light of the above change, I thought that I might implement a new series post. I don’t currently have one of these and I think a definite, you can count on it, weekly post that is something we can all look forward too is definitely warranted. This weekly post will be called Saturday Spoils” (moved to do this by Lauren Conrad’s “Friday Favorites”) and will feature a few of my favorite things from each week.  I really hope it inspires you, makes you smile, and gives you some ideas.

Here we go… 🙂

Favorite outfit (Sequins & Chambray):

Favorite Baby Bump (Blogger, Taylor Sterling):

Favorite Truth:

Favorite Movie:

Favorite Getaway (New Zealand):

If you guys have any specific pins, videos, photos…etc you’d like to share, please put your link below! Happy Weekend!


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