Lust Vs. Must: Big Teddy Fur Collar Jacket

This has to be one of my favorite lust/must posts ever! I have always, always, always been into blazers, jackets, and coats. They are the some of the only things that make winter worth it to me.
Between blogging, reading your posts, photography, caring for my family…etc., I’m sure you can tell that I’m a big online shopper. I am constantly on the lookout for lovable new stores and boutiques that I can order from and share with all of you. Today, I ran across the online fashion store Rings & Tings and was immediately head over heels.
Fur collar coats and jackets are definitely a 70’s flashback style that’s coming back rather vengefully. And the success of this comeback is undeniable. Rings & Tings makes this trend attainable by providing a must-have, affordable version.
The ‘lust’ jacket in the above set  is lined with 100%, pure sheepskin and is $700! I don’t know very many people who wouldn’t be thrilled to own a sheepskin biker jacket but, with a price so steep… It’s a bit unfathomable for most of us. That’s why the big teddy fur collar jacket from Rings & Tings is the perfect lower priced, resort to make a look like this work for the average fashionista.
At $66, available to be shipped worldwide, and two color options (gray or navy)– how can you pass this up? It’s very visually stunning; sporting an asymmetrical zipper, contrasting cuffs, shoulders, & pockets, & a milky white, wooly collar design.
I’ve styled both interpretations of the coat below to show the versatility…
Fur Collar Coat (styled)
Shop the look below:
Have a great, Thursday, readers! Thanks for stopping by!

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