Miz Mooz Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

I recently stumbled over Miz Mooz Fall/Winter Collection and found myself loving all the styles. I am tempted beyond measure to buy one or more pair. Totally unique designs that intrigue the eye and comfort the sole. Literally.
I fell in love with these slip-on loafers and just had to share them with you. They are a, kind of, sentimental concept to me because they are very similar to the penny loafers my mom used to have my wear as a little girl. At the time I didn’t appreciate the fashion statement but, now, the class and simplicity have me drooling.
The swanky green color (they also come in red and black) is stunning, especially when paired with other gem tones.
I’ve put together a sample look of how I would style them… I started with a basic, distressed jean from House Of Fraser. I added a slouchy, graphic tee (NET-A-PORTER) for comfort but, topped it with a jersey blazer, by Mango, for a layer of casual structure.
The black & blue, H&M handbag (sold out; adore this one, HERE) makes a subtle statement while not detracting from the overall coherence of the look. An uncomplicated, monochrome/silver cuff  and triangle, chain earrings complete the ensemble.
Miz Mooz
I think this is the perfect look for an on-the-go gal. It looks young, polished, and wearable. In fact, if your office allows, why not try to put something like this together for informal work week attire?

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