Hostess Hints: How Does She Do It?

Most of you reading this article are probably expecting family to be visiting you in the near future because of their time off during the holidays. For some, this can be a stressful time because you are welcoming, not only close relatives in your home but, maybe those whom you aren’t so familiar with. This may be the only time that you see “Cousin Susie”; once a year, every year.

That being said, more than likely, you want to make an impression on your guests (especially the in-laws). You want your, otherwise hectic/chaotic, life to look polished, put together, and picture perfect. Those three things can be accomplished by no only making yourself (and family) presentable but also, your home. Today, I want to talk to you about the outfits, the decor, and the recipe that will keep your family members asking, “How does she do it?”


Chances are, you and the significant other won’t have hours to spend pampering yourself before your company arrives. Let’s face it– who really gets enough beauty sleep? And if you’re a career woman or mom (maybe both) you know what it means to not be well-rested. Plus, when you do have a day off, Lord knows you just want to lay around in your pj’s with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, watching a marathon of your favorite television show. But, the last thing you want is your mother-in-law walking in to see you on the couch in an oversized, stained tee, with half a mouth full of “Chunky Monkey”, sobbing your eyes out because your too favorite characters finally got together. Am I right?

So, I’m going to break it down into a two simple ideas about how to looking fabulous and comfortable while entertaining.

1) The Welcome Wagon-

Keep a laid back, casual persona with your guest as they arrive. They are probably going to be tired from a long trip and very anxious to visit with you in the warmth of your home. Try not to be overly stuffy and dolled-up when they get in. They might end up feeling like they don’t fit the occasion or that you are trying too hard to woo them. After all, they are there to see you and catch up so, when you are spending time together, why not keep it simple and subtle. Refer to the collection below…

The Welcome Wagon

2) The Party Goers

Are you taking anyone out to a party or fancy dinner while they’re in town? Be sexy and elegant in an uncomplicated strapless cocktail dress and classic accessories. Help the rest of your family stay stylish by keeping their looks sharp but, modest . In the collection below are some examples.

The Party Goers


1) Ambiance

Lighting can set the mood for all kinds of things but, there is one type of ambiance I feel like can never fail; twinkle lights! They’re festive and just looking at them makes me happy! They make a great backdrop for photos and home videos. My favorite blogger, Tanya Burr, uses them to decorate her bedroom and they look fantastic as a perk up for any lack luster living area. There are some great ideas like using ping pong balls to diffuse the light…etc on websites like Pinterest that are easy DIY projects.

2) Scent-

Every home seems more inviting when there is a cozy, full-bodied scent hitting you in the face when you walk through the thresh-hold. While pumpkin is the smell of fall, now that the weather has turned colder the fragrances are even more consoling. Bath & Body Works has a wide selection (below are a few of my faves) and I also adore the HomeScent Collection from Pottery Barn.

Winter Scents

3) Live Plants-

Just because you want to make everything seem cheery doesn’t mean you have to go crazy with knick knacks or fake foliage. Live plants bring vibrance, energy, and sophistication into the house. Whether you choose a flowery centerpiece with dried elements for your table or you have a real pine tree standing in your living room… Make the little touches count.


Apple Pie-

I always, always make apple pie when my in-laws come to visit and they love it. My husband begs me to make it all the time; it’s the last dessert I remember making him for before we got married, and maybe for good reason. Glamour Magazine calls it “Hook Him Apple Pie” and I can testify that it will hook just about anyone who tastes it.  It’s my absolute favorite pie recipe and it makes the house smell amazing! Also, a great way to get the entire family around the table. Serve al a mode and enjoy!

Those are my tips for a cuddly, loving, winter home! I hope you enjoyed reading and I that you try some of the suggestions. 🙂

Happy Friday!!


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