CoolWay: The ONLY Way to Blow Dry

Hi there, everyone! It’s Monday, yet again and I have been trying to read/comment on as many of your posts as possible over the last week. It’s not always possible to get to each and every one of you on a daily basis but, I hope that you will forgive my occasion WordPress/BlogLovin family absence. Every is so busy this time of year and, of course, getting ready to travel. I know that for us, we are getting prepared to leave the somewhat comfortable temps of coastal NC and head out to Ohio to visit family. However, even amidst this busy season, I wanted to share with you a few things this week, before we leave and I am not able to blog much (if at all) since there is no wifi where I’m going. (I know, I know… :-/ )

At the very end of October I was looking for a subscription box to sign up for that I felt like fit my curiosity and budget. When push came to shove, it was a hard choice between Birchbox and Beauty Army but, in the end, Beauty Army won me over. I chose them because they are slightly more inexpensive than Birchbox and you can choose the samples you want or don’t. You can also opt out of a box as many times as you want to, if you don’t like the sample choices, and won’t be charged for that month. If you do not choose your samples they will put together a surprise box for you containing items based on previous picks.

I was supposed to receive my November box about 10 days after subscribing but, because of some mistakes on my part (regarding address & shipping info) I actually didn’t get it until late November. Since then, I haven’t had time to review each product in the box, unfortunately. However, there was one thing in the box that particularly stood out to me and that I have been using fairly regularly since it came. That is CoolWay Transform Spray.

I am commonly very picky about the products I use on my hair. Some make my hair oily, some seem like they don’t make any difference at all…etc. But, I’m going to spend money on a hair product, I want to know that it works; that it’s worth it. Ya know? Well, this spray definitely is worth the buy & I will be repurchasing when my sample runs out!

I had never before heard of the CoolWay brand before and when I read the promises on the bottle I thought that the product was too good to be true. It claimed that it’s results were silky and no heat damage could penetrate (under 299 degrees). Having naturally frizzy/voluminous hair when there is humidity anywhere near it and hardly ever blow drying my hair, I mainly just wanted to try this to get my money’s worth out of the subscription box. But, I wasn’t necessarily enthusiastic about it.

After using the directed amount of pumps for my hair length I strictly used  a ConAir , mid-sized hairbrush and Vidal Sassoon, travel size blow dryer. I was blown away with the outcome! (Pun intended!)


After my first use of CoolWay Transform Spray

Not only was my hair soft but, it (for the most part) laid flat & was not poofy. There were no massive amounts of fly-aways. It was shiny and, since I normally curl my hair with an iron anyway, gave me a healthy, protected base to start with.

Since my first use I have found that this product also seems to help my hair dry faster, doesn’t add any extra weight or greasy feeling, smells like a coco-nutty sun screen, & that if I use my “cool” setting for the last few minutes of drying the product ‘sets’ my hair much easier. I have yet to try this with my flat iron, because I rarely straighten my hair but, I have no doubts that it will be just as amazing.

The CoolWay company states that with their products you can “enjoy salon looks every day”, and I must say that I did feel like I had a salon quality blow drying experience when I used it. Their tagline is that these items are part of a “Low Heat Revolution”- even selling a pro blow dry system, hair repair mask, shampoo, & more! This merchandise is also non-toxic and has no Formaldehyde, Lye, Phthalates or Sulfates. What’s not to love?

I really can’t wait to try more CoolWay products and hope that I piqued your interest enough for you to visit their website and learn more!

** All opinions in this post are my own. No PR samples were used in the development of this article.


4 thoughts on “CoolWay: The ONLY Way to Blow Dry

  1. Thank you so much for your great review! We couldn’t be more pleased you love our products, and took the time to write about your positive experience! – Coolway Staff

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