6 Under $60: Keeping Cozy

I don’t know about you but, I am completely chilled the bone. Although the temperatures keep fluctuating (for example, this weekend is supposed to shoot up to 75 degrees), I find myself- on most nights- reaching for the cuddliest thing I can and wrapping myself (along with a heating pad) up as tight as I can.
If any of you are feeling the same way recently, then today’s post is for you! I’ve come up with six items under $60 to keep you warm, cozy, and chic. Read on, loves…
6 Cozy Things Under $60
1) Threshold Faux Fur Throw- Remember in my December wishlist how I said that I wanted a faux fur throw? Well, my wish came true! I was browsing Target (as per usual) and found these lovely blankets on sale for $20!
It feels extremely luxurious and cushy. It keeps all of the heat under the cover without suffocating you and is the perfect “extra” for when you aren’t quite warm enough in bed. I have caught my hubby trying to steal it from me for the last few days.
The great thing is that it comes in six different color/pattern selections and one of them is bound to match your decor. Be sure to check them out online or locally before they’re gone.
2) H&M Fake Fur Jacket- This sharp piece of outerwear, although imitation, is completely amazing! It’s machine washable and fully lined! The fringed edges keep a casual look while the plush fabric makes you look elegant, even if it’s just paired with denim. Layer over a thin, long sleeve sweater to keep away bulkiness and stay snug. There are limited sizes left in this particular coat but, there are other comparable and affordable options on the H&M website. (Selection may vary by country.)
3) Chrissy Bootie- This little love is a slipper, designed by the wonderful folks at Minnetonka Moccasin. Before the mention the details of this particular moccasin, I have to say that even the names of the colors it comes it are wintery and inviting– “Cinnamon” and “Chocolate”… Mmm…
These little babies are lined with a man-made, wool material and have a thoroughly cushioned, semi-flexible sole. Ideal for tip-toeing around the house in those wee hours of the morning with coffee mug in-hand. And, only $46!
4) Rhombus Pattern Long Sleeve, Round Neck Sweater- Wendybox brings you this lovely Korean style pullover in 4 colors. I specifically was drawn to the orange… It has a simple silhouette, and an effortless draping to the shape. It’s woolen and one size fits all. Not to mention, it comes with a detachable scarf that matches the color scheme, design, and influences the wearability perfectly. A versatile and effortless solution to a chilly day, for only $42.
5) Victoria Secret Fireside Long Jane Pajama- There was probably a time when snuggly and style couldn’t be used in the same sentence but, when VS is involved that’s not the case. Their site and catalog offer many different choices from flannel to flirty, and everything in between! The Fireside Pajamas are cute, lovable, and perfect for curling up in front of some wood that’s been set ablaze.
There are 10 different colors/patterns available for only $39.50 per set. At that price, buy one for yourself and a friend! Get this– they even have matching slippers! (sold separately)
6) Free People Homerange Legwarmer- I’m a sucker for anything reminiscent of the 70s/80s; maybe that’s why I love legwarmers so much. But, aside from that they provide practical warmth and an “outside the box” sense of style. The ones pictured are Free People Exclusive.
The earth tones and gradient remind me of a sweater than my aunt had in high school… My grandmother kept it and used to let me wear it when I went to her house… So, this motif resonates with me.
Though, if you aren’t into subtle hues, like me, they also come in grey/blue combination.
Shop these items below:

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