Ariana Grande: Teen Vogue February 2014

I’ll admit that since I began photography business and had a baby, I’ve been a little out of pop culture news. But, somehow, beginning a blog throws you right back into it. In the last 7 months of blogging, I’ve learned more about designer jewelry and the top ten red lipsticks than I ever thought I’d know. Despite all that, I don’t pride myself on knowing every little tidbit about the top celebrities and events going on the world over. So, it’s no surprise that I had absolutely no idea who Ariana Grande was until late summer, 2013. Even then, I took little notice… UNTIL, I saw hundreds of tweets lighting up my twitter feed, after the American Music Awards show, about how amazing this 20 year old’s voice is.

Afterwards, I did some research, listened to some songs, and I even copied one of her makeup looks for a night out (recreated by Tanya Burr here)… This vegan, Kabbalah practicing, singer/songwriter has quite the charisma and put me under her spell pretty quickly.

Recently, she did a cover & spread for the February 2014 issue of Teen Vogue. While looking through some blogged peeks of this photoshoot, I was quite taken with how well Miss Grande adopted the vintage edge and innocence of the set for photographer, Sebastian Kim. I think she looks absolutely stunning! See my favorite look below…


While Ariana maintains a youthful and cool appearance, there is something in her eyes and posture that suggest mischief and coyness. What I love most about this snapshot is her sophisticated, carefully contoured, feminine makeup. Today I want to show you products that you can use to achieve a look similar to this one. You should use a very simple makeup technique to do this and concentrate on mainly matte/semi-shimmer neutral tones; nothing glittery.

1) Start with a strong brow! I like a wax/powder duo when it comes to creating a statement with my eyebrows. I fill mine in almost daily! Recently, I have been a impressed by, what seems to be high quality, Vincent Longo product(s). His Bi-Bow Wax & Pomade is a build-able, smear free, natural looking brow filler that provides sheer tint and an over-all, polished look.

2) Remain neutral. Drama doesn’t have to mean going crazy with color. Matte browns and shimmery bronzes look good on almost anyone. Although subtle, they provide definition and refinement to the eye. Don’t go overboard on these colors though; make sure you blend well! It is much easier to add a layer of makeup than it is to remove it once you’ve applied it. I recommend using well pigmented shadows for this, such as Urban Decay’s “Snakebite”, “Faint”, or “Secret Service”.

3) Get it tight. You’ll notice that although Ariana’s eyes are bold and beautiful, her eyeliner is not over the top, thick, or winged out. A thin line close to the base of the lashes makes the lash-line seem fuller, while tightlining the eyelid adds to the effect; making your lashes look longer & thicker. Personally, I have had good success using Benefit cosmetics “BADgal” line, waterproof products so, for this smudge-free, attempt at flawless , I’m recommending their waterproof eyeliner in black.

4) Be bold! If you ask my opinion, no lashes can be too bold or too black. Surprisingly, to achieve the same softness that Ariana has in the photo, I probably wouldn’t curl my lashes for this. (Although, I normally curl them, every day, no matter what.) And, I recommend finding mascara amongst your collection that, not only separates your individual eyelashes but, lengthens and volumizes too. You might want to consider, L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara. It was on ELLE magazines top mascara list and was praise for it’s no clump, clean application, dramatic maximization, and extra-large brush that doesn’t miss a single hair.

5) Contour like a queen. The very first thing that drew me to this photo was the amazing contour on Grande’s face. It’s a deep, rich bronze and adds a striking maturity to an otherwise girlish face. I chose a bronzer that is a shade or so darker than I would normally use, especially because I feel like this look is more appropriate for spring/summer when a lot of us are trying to get our tan on! But, if you use a self tanner, go to a tanning bed, or live in a place where you are lucky enough to go to the beach year round then you can dive right into recreating this. I am addicted to NARS bronzer and ideally I would use their color “Casino”. It’s a highly saturated, brown powder with a small amount of gold flecks to reflect light. Not only can it change the shape of your face in an instant but, it provides a ‘back from the beach’ glow.

6) Add a pinch of pink. The only pop of color on Ariana’s entire face is her lipstick and I am crushing on the color like mad. Because I don’t know exactly what hue she is wearing in the photo I did my best to tone match it to a medium skin tone. I am adoring MAC “Milan Mode” for the sheer color and pearlescent finish. After applying, pucker up and you’re complete!

Ariana Grande- Teen Vogue

So, my loves, I hope you enjoyed learning more about how to imitate this stunning, Ariana Grande, Teen Vogue inspire makeup and if you try it out please share a photo and/or a list of the products you found helpful (either from my list or your own stash)! 🙂

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