Anchors Aweigh! (What To Pack For A Cruise)

Hey there! Only five/six days away from hopping in the car and taking off to Florida to set out on our Bahama adventure and I couldn’t be more excited about my vacation-centered posts this week. Are you ready?!

First and foremost, today I want to discuss how to pack for a warm-weather cruise. Having never been on a cruise before, I dare say that this is based on information I gathered from tips & tricks on other websites and my own previous packing experiences (which there have been MANY of).

The first of my many qualms when I started thinking about what to pack was how much do I actually put in my bag. Then, how big of a bag do I really need? How many pair of shoes should I try to squeeze in? Should I put extra outfits in my purse just in case I have to do a quick change?…and so on. Obviously, I realized where the strategizing part of my brain ended and where my over-analyzing side came in and that’s why I am simplifying my final, efficient way to fill the empty space of your suitcase. Of course, there are going to be things that you just can’t leave home without that you will splurge on and make more space for. In your case, that might be bringing along your collection of  sunglasses, or every single body spray you own, or possibly even the teddy bear you still sleep with (that your boyfriend doesn’t know about yet 😉 ). But, this post will hopefully help you (and me) get back to basics.



1) Excursion- Events you elect to take part in when you are visiting a port, during your cruise, can last for several hours. Regardless of the length, though, taking into account the variety of ventures available (i.e., snorkeling, scuba diving, zip lining…etc.) is vital. Also, something to consider is your comfort level while touring an unfamiliar area; even if you are just exploring shops in the main tourist area. As an example, you’ll notice that I have chosen a relaxed pair of cuffed, denim shorts and a floral print, silk tank top. Relaxed looking sunnies and flat, stylish sandals adorn the look nicely. (I have added a relatively flat shoe to almost all the casual outfits in this post since the greatest luxuries of vacation is effortlessness and ease.) Keeping a small, cross body bag on your person will help keep your cash/valuables close while maintaining a friendly, non-threatened appearance.

2) Lounging- I, for one, think that lounging is completely underrated and that it should include more than just your favorite pair of yoga pants. When you are surrounded by a big blue ocean, loads of sunshine, and have high hopes of coming back to home with a refreshed, tanned glow, you have to sport something on deck that is a bit more glamorous than your sig other’s oversized tee. That’s why I opted for an equally comfortable alternative with this strapless sundress and gladiator sandal. Finish the whole thing off with classic tortoise-shell specs & a leather tote filled with your must-haves for the perfect lazy day. Again, sensible footwear but, having fun with the accessories like this monochrome, polka dot handbag.

3) Shopping/Dining- Some people might wonder why I have a completely different look put together for shopping/dining than I do for the excursion part of the trip. You might be asking, “Aren’t they the same thing?” To answer that simply… No. Most, if not all, cruise ships have entertainment aboard in forms of movie theaters, bowling alleys, shopping, and upscale restaurants. Your fellow travelers, who are also enjoying these provisions, would, no doubt, love to see well-dressed passengers along side them. For a bit more of a polished look, I went for a carefree bandeau playsuit in a calm blue color.



1) Tuned in Tanner- As an active sightseer, I’m not one to typically bum around the pool all day. However, I feel like a cruise is an excuse to get in a little extra loafing time. In my mind, there are two kinds of pool goers, outside of the athletes who actually swim; tanning tarriers and readers.

Those who bring out the deep tanning oils, their overloaded iphone/ipod, and trendy headphones fall into the “tuned in tanner” category. They are, usually confident with their body and show it in selective swimwear that shows their best features.  Although, this activity doesn’t really require an “outfit” of sorts (unless you bring along a cute cover-up), choosing swimwear that is well-made, not ill-fitted, and complexion complementary is essential to looking your best amongst the crowd.

2) Modest Bookworm- Since, I love reading, this was a fun look to put together. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always coveted a good book and a comfy sundress. How can you go wrong? So I mimicked my childhood memories and put them into this darling ensemble. An embroidered, cotton sundress with an uncomplicated silhouette and charming details will have everyone staring in admiration as you choose the perfect spot to snuggle into with your paperback.  To keep the entire look womanly and elegant, I went a tad further and threw in a lovely wide-brimmed sun hat; also, an easily complementary pair of metallic sandals.



1) Dress Up-  Almost every cruise has at least one (if not more, depending on the length) formal dinners. The attire for women ranges from a clean-cut cocktail dress to a blown out evening gown. For all intensive purposes and my personal style, I chose to go with a form-fitting, knee-length, cocktail dress that can be quickly de-wrinkled and doesn’t take up much room. In the example, the rich red color stands out and makes the feel of the overall costume seem more alluring. Gold accents on the shoes, jewelry, and clutch offer a neutral, hint of bling without going overboard. I love the option, too, of adding a bracelet (even in loo of the earrings if necessary) to evenly distribute the dazzle.

2) Dress Down- Granted, every evening you won’t be expected to show up in a picture perfect get-up filled with sparkle and sophistication. Most of the time, a decent pair of linen pants and leather flip-flops would probably be just fine. But, if you are daring to be a little sexier why not try a jewel toned, silk top that shows a little skin but, leaves some to be desired?… Like this one-shoulder, emerald blouse. Tight fitting jeans that are skinny around the ankle will show off your carefully chosen pumps & a spiked, embellished necklace will bring attention back to your meticulously made up face. Can you say “meeeeow!”?

The truth is, lovelies, that an assortment of clothing is needed for a cruise. But, if you can, make choices that will allow your luggage to stay concise;even if that means that you have to mix and match pieces. Most of all, though, HAVE FUN and imagine the good times you’ll have winding down in a tropical paradise.

That’s my two cents! I hope it helps, even if all you’re doing it packing for a weekend getaway to your nearest beach community. Make the most of your Monday!


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