What’s In My Bag? (Bahamas)

I hope you guys are as excited to read this post as I am to write it. I love showing you what I’ve been up to and what products I’m into at the moment and this article couldn’t have come at a better time. Not only are you getting an abridged look into my duffle for vacation but, you are also going to see some of the items that I would consider in my January favorites. Because of this and the lack of time I have to post this week, I will not be sharing a separate  January favorites feature. Any items I may have looked over will be included in my February faves though so, no worries!

If you read my “What To Pack For A Cruise” piece on Monday, then you will be anxious to see what I found worthy to carry with me. Let me, first of all, say… how rad is this duffle I ordered from ASOS? It’s made by Mi-Pac and is the perfect mix of fun, fashion, and novelty. Also, by packing in a decent sized, relaxed bag it helps me to use self-control in deciding exactly what to haul.

What's In My Bag?

I conceded to being very minimal with my makeup selections during this particular trip. Because the weather is going to be very warm (in the 80’s, thank goodness!) and I would rather spend time enjoying my surroundings than staring into a bathroom mirror, I chose my travel options very selectively. It’s important to me in a low stress environment to keep my makeup routine simple and concise.

I will be using Lorac TANtilizer to get ahead on my base tan, before and during the time we are away. With lovely, bronzed skin I don’t think it’s necessary to cake on primer, foundation, and powder…etc. The more dewy and fresh your face can look when the sun is complementing your complexion, the better!

In order to accomplish that “fresh from the beach” look, I’m packing nourishing facial ointment, neutral colors, and shimmery cosmetics. Starting out with Boots Original Beauty Formula Vanishing Day Cream, which I unfortunately just found out is discontinued. 😦 If you want to get your hands on this, I’d double check my local Target or even explore eBay. It’s a wonderful, thick & creamy moisturizer that’s enhanced with rose-hip and olive oils. I would start swearing by this but, I guess I’ll have to start working my way through the other Boots brand formulas before I can commit to having a holy grail product, since this one is not readily available anymore. Over top of this I will likely use a BB cream or mousse foundation.

Since I am going for a ‘noticeably naked’ face, especially for the daytime hours, I am tucking into my bag the Smashbox Full Exposure palette (reviewed here) which is filled with glimmering, light reflective, earth tone shadows.(Too Many Muffins, I haven’t forgotten about your request for me to post a look using this palette! Please, bear with me.) There are also matte shades that can be used to create a more dramatic look, if the need arises. To accompany this, I am bringing along my trusty NARS ‘Laguna’ Bronzer because, no matter the weather, who doesn’t love a good contour? And, Maybelline Face Studio Master Glaze Glisten Blush Stick in “Warm Nude” to accentuate my cheek bones.

Like I stated in one of my other travel posts, I do not travel without bringing at least one red lipstick. My current favorite is MAC “Ruby Woo” so, that’s the one that I’ll have with me on this trip. Matte lips are really in for spring and I don’t think any girl can go wrong with an iconic, retro red. Just ask Lucille Ball or Gwen Stefani. 😉 Although, red lips are, and will always be, my favorite way to make a statement, I am planning to toss in some of my present favorite gloss, Maybelline ColorSensational Color Elixir Lip Color in “Carmel Infused” for an easy, breezy pick me up to an everyday look. It’s “my lips, but better”, bolder, and sassier. If you haven’t checked out these lippies yet, I suggest you do it soon!

For fragrances, I wanted to keep in line with the lush, warm feel the closer you get to the equator. Not pictured is a rollerball scent that I haven’t used in AGES called “Tropical Getaway” by BeautiControl. It has a lovely mix of citrus/mango, guava, coconut, jasmine, and vanilla. You can’t smell it and not think of the beach immediately. Right now, it’s on sale for $5.00 instead of $14.oo so, if you’re interested please click the link and get yours today! I am also going to be wearing “Angelic Kiss”, a Calgon body mist that has bits of gold shimmer. Believe it or not, I got this at Walmart (forever ago) and I’m so glad I did. Not only does it provide a sexy sparkle to your skin but, the floral tones blended with bergamot and mandarin make a sultry, sophisticated perfume.

I am planning to wear uncomplicated outfits for, not only travel, but any activities we might enjoy. I am a HUGE fan of flirty day-to-night dresses and will be loading as many into the bag as I can. For example, the airy “Free to Roam” dress from Ruche has a feminine flair with a laid back and basic silhouette, which allows it to transition easily. The “Same Bold Story” dress from ModCloth (sold out) is ideal for a semi-casual dinner date and can be dressed up or down with accessories and a cardigan. I’m glad I snagged it while I could!

I really do not like wearing bathing suits very much but, when you are going on a cruise and spending lots of time in the sun it’s inevitable that a pool will be nearby. Because of my body image struggles and post baby body consciousness I am more fond of one-piece swimwear than I used to be and found an adorable suit earlier in the season from DorothyPerkins.com However, I really wanted to branch out of my comfort zone since I’ve been working really hard lately and treat myself to a new bathing suit; something high-waisted, affordable, and supportive. When I found the River Island Tennessee Print Bikini at ASOS, I swooned. I coveted it for well over a month (and lost 15 pounds!) before committing to order it but, I’m so glad I did. The balconette top is wonderfully comfortable and complementary. I adore the bottoms as well since they are high-waisted and camouflage what’s left of a baby belly quite well, while still giving allurement with the side cut outs.

My favorite footwear in any above freezing weather are my leather flip-flops by Rainbow Sandals. They are extremely popular in my area, they provide amazing arch support, and they last for years. Even though there is definitely a need to carry more stylish shoes with me on the trip, these are my go-to, stand-by sandals when sightseeing or pool hopping.

Last, but not least, I singled out some key statement pieces of jewelry worthy to travel with me. One of them is the stunning “Spiked Lily” necklace from BaubleBar. I waited for weeks for this to restock so that I could get it in time for this trip. It came in the mail on Monday and I am not disappointed in the purchase whatsoever. Thank you BaubleBar! Also, I stopped into Bijuju for a few minute to talk to the best manager ever, Brittany, and remembered that they were having a 40% off sale… So, I grabbed up this “Cleopatra Stone Cuff”. I love the bohemian style and versatility of it!

That’s my tidbit about what’s coming with me to the Bahamas. I hope you enjoyed! If there is anything I forgot, let me know!


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