A HUGE Hump Day Announcement

My first post after getting back from my cruise and you’d think that it would be something about how amazing spending 5 days in the sun with my wonderful husband was. Only, it’s not. It’s ever bigger and better.

If you’ve been around Lay Bare for a while or you followed my previous blog, you know that I gave birth to a wonderful, healthy baby boy about a year ago (March 6, 2013).


Originally, when my husband and I got married and I inherited a step-son, I didn’t want any more children. However, after a bout of serious illness (you can read about HERE) I had completely done a 180 and wanted a baby more than anything. Fortunately, my husband was as enthusiastic about the idea as I was and it only took one month for us to find out that we were expecting a new addition to our family. And, after 9 months of a fabulous pregnancy, we welcomed our sweet baby boy with open arms and hearts.

Almost immediately after bringing him home for the hospital and experiencing full-fledged motherhood- the good, the bad, the ugly- I knew I wanted to have another baby. But, I wondered, as much as I loved and doted on my first biological child, if I would be able to accept a sibling for him into my heart as easily. Nevertheless, over the last year, I have continually suffered from ’empty womb syndrome’. I’ve read lots of blogs, prayed a lot, & taken plenty of counsel/advice.

Over the last three or four months in particular, I have been yearning to provide my little guy with a buddy, and who can resist trying for a little girl again? Over that time, though, I have battled with various doctors, nurse practitioners, and myself. That being said, I am very, very, very ecstatic to announce that after 5 pregnancy tests and two appointments at my OBGYN… WE’RE PREGNANT!!

We’ve been through all the phases; love, marriage, baby carriage… now it’s time for round two! Baby is due October 2014.


It’s been quite a struggle to get it confirmed. Somehow, I have the gift (sometimes feels like a curse) of finding out that I am pregnant EXTREMELY early on. I originally planned on waiting until about 10 weeks to tell my friends, family, and the blogging world but, unfortunately, I have felt incredibly ill. I can barely walk into my kitchen and smell food without gagging. Because of that, I felt like it was more of a burden to try and hide it than just explain to everyone the truth about what’s going on.

I especially owe it you, my readers, because I want you to know that if I am a little slower with my posts it’s simply because I’m feeling poorly. However, when I am up and at ’em, I intend to give you my most quality articles. Also, don’t be afraid to get in touch with my on Twitter (@LayBareBlogger) or shoot me an email if you notice I haven’t been around, you want to ask a question, or just want to catch up.

I’m amazingly thrilled to share this exciting time with each and every one of you!!


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