Lay Bare BUMP: 4 Weeks Pregnant

Baby is… the size of a poppy seed!

I said the other day on Twitter that “you know you’re pregnant when you start treating queso dip like its mayo.” I wish I could say that’s a joke but, I have to admit that for the past few days I’ve been spreading Tostitos Queso Blanco all over my sourdough, turkey sandwiches. For some of you, that might seem disgusting but, you know the saying– don’t knock it ’til ya try it. Or maybe it should be, don’t try it ’til you’re knocked up… šŸ˜‰

In spite of my morning sickness issues and my inability to get relief through any “natural” reflexes, I do manage to spend the majority of the day starving to death. It seems like I can never think of enough things that sound good to eat. Of course, they are almost never in my house already and I am too exhausted to go out and get much. So, it’s safe to say I daydream about food and wonder if I’ll everĀ notĀ wake up feeling queasy. It’s amazing how much turmoil can really be going on inside of you with absolutely no outer evidence.


4 weeks & 3 days…excuse my non made up, miserable looking face. (better pics next time!)

Cravings?:Ā McDonald’s Oreo/Reese’s (mixed) McFlurry, Panera’s baked souffle

Aversions?:Ā Popcorn suddenly tastes like packing peanuts, and I wouldn’t be caught dead eating red meat

Symptoms?: Morning sickness… noon sickness… night sickness! Super sore breasts. Very emotional. Having weird dreams (like one where I am having twins!) just like last time. I also have MAJOR fatigue– the complete opposite of the my last pregnancy!

Weight Gain?: I have decided to not really weigh myself this go ’round with the pregnancy. I was pretty obsessed last time but, since I am not starting out this pregnancy at my ideal weight then, I’d like to just stick with the “I’ll do the best I can” method. However, I am still trying to exercise through the rough spots so I can keep as much energy up as possible. However, it seems like the moment I find out I’m pregnant I feel bloated. Between my poppy seed sized offspring and all of the ginger ale I’m drinking…!

Honestly, there isn’t much left to report. This week has been pretty awful as far as my Ā hormones flying around everywhere and with my hubby out of town for business I have been doing my best to perform like superwoman. Truthfully, this pregnancy still seems surreal. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m still so early on or if, even though I wanted this so badly, I despise feeling so sick. Perhaps it’s a little bit of both.

I was incredibly nervous to announce this pregnancy. With my son, I was so fortunate to be able to wait until I was 9 weeks before it was quite obvious I was hiding something. I was grateful because most of his crucial development was over by that point and we were well on our way to being past the “danger zone”. This time, I am so anxious about the time period between now and 10-12 weeks. I almost feel as though I’ll be embarrassed for telling everyone so soon if something unspeakable were to happen. Nevertheless, expecting a baby is something immensely joyful and I can’t say how elated & thankful we are to be having this experience again. I am optimistic that the months ahead are sure to bring us even more delight!

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