Lorac TANtilizer, Deep Body Bronzing Luminizer: Full Review

Hey there, loves! I’m excited to write today’s post as I have been looking forward to reviewing this product for you over the past couple of weeks. And, I hope, that after reading this article you’ll consider taking advantage of this ‘no fuss’ self-tanning method.

Since spring is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about getting a gorgeous base tan. As most of you know, I asked for advice on this particular subject about a month ago before I went on a cruise. After a couple of responses from readers and a little of my own research I decided to purchase the Lorac TANtilizer, Deep Body Bronzing Luminizer (infused with gold flecks).

The online reviews and commentaries on this product were just too outstandingly positive for me to pass up the chance at a ‘just off the beach’ glow. Fortunately, my local Ulta store has it in stock. I decided, because of this, that there was no harm in at least stopping by and swatching it to see if it really did what it claims on its first application. As soon as I dabbed a little on the back of my hand and began rubbing it in, I saw a rich, naturally tanned color starting to appear. I’m a sucker for instant results… so into my basket it went.

Some might be put off since this lotion retails for $32 but, in all honesty, it is one of the more reasonably priced options I’ve found. Some, with lots of negative reviews and that boast better effects, cost upwards of $50. Please realize that with cosmetics, what you pay for isn’t always what you get. In this case, however, the quality I got in this squeeze bottle is better than any others I’ve previously tried.

On the first application, I made the mistake of squeezing out quite a lot into my hands and soon came to the conclusion that a little bit goes a long way. Though, I didn’t find it to be streaky or orange even if I had put on a tad too much. It smells very sweet and tropical; not chemical and stinky, like many self-tanners on the market. Also, it dries phenomenally fast and a  very minimal amount rubs off on your clothing. If you accidentally have some on the inside of your shirt after a full day’s wear…etc., the tan color washes right off in the laundry.

This luminizer is described as a ‘temporary makeup’ but,  I found the staying power to be quite impeccable – even after a shower! As long as I used a gentle cloth to wash with and did not scrub vigorously with a loofah, I saw only a very slight lightening in the color and found that I only needed to re-apply every 2-3 days. Each time I put it on I felt that I became more efficient and less wasteful with how much I was using and was especially pleased that, after two weeks of use, I still had half the bottle left!

I loved the fact that it was gentle enough to put on my face without causing me any breakouts or irritation, and it blended seamlessly with my darker shades of summer makeup (i.e., foundation, bronzer…etc). For those who are more fair-skinned or hesitant about tanning at home this luminizer is also available in an original (not a dark bronze, like the one I used) formula, that is also one of Lorac’s best sellers. (pictured below)

I’m not sure that I will ever use another body bronzer as I am so delighted with this one. The feminine shimmer and lit from within color it provides to the skin is unmatched! So, dears, if you are searching for the next best thing to spending a day by the sea, or you are looking to improve your pigment before you head out for spring break, pick this up at a nearby Lorac counter, Ulta, Sephora, or order online. 🙂

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