Warby Parker, All New For Spring!

I was so pleased when the folks at Warby Parker contacted me to get the word out about their purpose & two new spring collections. So, I have to thank them in advance for the privilege of working with their marketing department and for trusting me with this article. I have been so excited about this post and the samples I have to show you.

If you aren’t familiar with the Warby Parker brand, let me explain a little bit about the company and what they stand for. This one of a kind, eco-friendly, eyewear provider strives to provide high-quality glasses at a fraction of the price. They endeavor to make your online shopping experience stress and hassle-free, while adding style and confidence to your everyday look. Not only does the Warby Parker family make an effort to keep their customers happy but, want each employee to have a fun and fulfilling role in the office. Part of that fulfilling role is by working with non-profit organizations that help to make certain that when you buy a pair of frames, another affordable pair is made available to someone in need.

Worldwide there are almost 1 billion people in need of adequate eyewear in order to succeed in places like school or the work force. Warby Parker has already been able to give 500,000 pairs to those less fortunate! With the assistance of allies like VisionSpring, they are able to continue growing the good that has already come from their “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” program. To see more about how these partner work together, click HERE and see an overview of the process.

That being said, I am thrilled to be able to talk to you today about Warby Parker’s Spring 2014 collection and Palm Canyon collection; both launched just in time for the warmer weather to take hold. Also, each collection is sold in men’s and women’s.

  • The Spring 2014 collection is, as portrayed on the website, “For every frame of mind.” The full-framed glasses are a blast of the past with a modern twist. The colors and materials used to make the glasses give them a fresh and polished style perfect for anyone from the sophisticated career woman, the overachieving bookworm, model on the runway and everyone in between. Each pair begins retail at $95.
  • The Palm Canyon collection is limited edition and features elements of nature in each unique design; no two pair are alike! These retro classics have been fitted with an acetate inset, patterning, and construction that is exclusive to this group of glasses. (Some of which are already sold out!) Beginning at $145, these rare gems are a fashionista’s dream.

Warby Parker is fabulous enough to have a Home Try-On program that allows you to choose 5  frames to be sent to your door that you can try out for 5 days. This gives you time to not only feel the quality of the products but, see how each compliments your typical taste in clothing and accessories, as well as ask for the opinions of your family and friends. I took advantage of this provision so that I could better my experience with the company and view bits of each collection for myself. Below are the frames I chose; name and color.


“Quimby” frames in the color “Absinthe”


“Reilly” frames in the color “Whiskey Tortoise”


“Marcel” frames in the color “Aurora”


“Winston” frames in the color “Striped Sassafras”


“Burke” frames in the color “Tennessee Whiskey”

Overall, I enjoyed my trial run of each pair and, as a regular eyeglass & contact lens wearer already, it DID make it much easier to weed out which ones weren’t for me and which pair I liked after all. My personal favorites where the “Reilly” frames. I’m a sucker for a classic silhouette and more subtle color variation in my sunnies. How about you?

I would definitely recommend giving Warby Parker the once over if you are looking for a novel way to shop for specs without the fuss. And, don’t forget– all the while giving back to the less fortunate!

If you have any questions or are more curious about the team behind the name, don’t hesitate to contact/follow via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr.

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