Lay Bare BUMP: 6 Weeks Pregnant & March 2014 Wishlist

Before I get started telling you what my blogger heart has an eagerness for this month, I wanted to throw in a couple of updates about my sprouting little baby & the bump that comes along with it.
We are now (as of yesterday) at WEEK 6 and…

Baby is the size of a… lentil!


Baby McConnell is forming facial features, arms/legs, a brain, muscles/bones, and digestive system this week. I wonder if that’s why my nausea has increased to occasional vomiting this week…? My body is working in overtime to keep up with my little one’s speedy growth!

I can barely keep down one meal a day; normally a late lunch. So, I have decided to kick my health nuttiness into high gear and start making more smoothies and juices than I ever have so that I can continue getting the nutrients we both need and possibly curb some of the awful (yet tasty) cravings I’m having i.e., macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, chocolate cake…etc. I DID plan out some of the paleo recipes I was talking about in my last post and went shopping for the ingredients. Unfortunately, by the time it comes down to actually cooking I just don’t have the energy or the desire. Hopefully both of those will return closer to my second (& crossing my fingers for easier) trimester.

Hubby has been out of town for the third week in a row and it is becoming increasingly hard to entertain a one yr old (tomorrow!) all day, every day while I am in such a state. I have a very difficult time falling asleep at night and normally wake up several times feeling generally uncomfortable.

I need to… raise my water intake! With my first pregnancy, drinking a gallon of water every single day was easy peasy. Now, the ‘taste’ turns me off and trying to swallow it makes me gag about as bad as brushing my teeth. But, they each must be done. My lovely blogger friend, Ashlee, wrote a great post on how much water we should be taking in daily. Check it out HERE.

I want to… clear up my sudden onset of acne. In my last bump update I was going on and on about how glowy my skin is while pregnant. Then, BOOM! I had like ten pimples all at once. And I thought, “That’s what I get for bragging!” If any of you have any miracle solutions for overnight breakouts, I would be more than happy to know about them since I am a virgin when it comes to crazy blemishes.

I have to… go to the doctor for our first appointment this week. I am a little nervous even though I know the overall drill of health history and weight monitoring…etc. I don’t really enjoy visiting the doctor’s office at any time, let alone the million times you see the inside of one when you’re expecting. And to top it all off, I’m getting newly established with a different practice than the one I previously used. Keep me in your thoughts, loves!

Now, let’s talk wishes…!!

March 2014 Wishlist
My wishlist this month isn’t very long or expensive but, I am trying to keep my hopes and dreams within boundaries at the moment. Especially since I have been having a very, truly crummy few weeks and splurged on the NAKED 2 palette I’ve been lusting after forever and a couple of other beauty goodies.
Hubby and I went over the bills on Saturday and after seeing where we are at verses where we would like to be (buying a house at the end of spring), I see the need to hone in my spending for a bit. Some of these items might never make it off my list but, I always think it’s fun to share my sought after treasures with you.
You may notice that it seems my chosen tidbits have a recurring theme; SPRING! Lots of pastels and femininity to be found here. First up, let’s just talk about this gorgeous little tea/coffee set from! In muted shades of pink, green, and blue with lovely gold detailing, it’s a refined bundle of ready to use kitchen wear. Being a collector of tea pots/sets, this immediately caught my eye when I saw it in the online gift boutique. For $35, this stackable group of dishes is sure to make a statement in any gals gossip corner.
I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again– I don’t do enough posts on nail polish. Although, I am never usually caught without it, it’s not something I usually include in my beauty posts. However, I am happy to say that the two pictured above struck me as so perfect for the season that I couldn’t contain my excitement and had to include them. On the left, you see Essie, Absolutely Shore; a soft, sea foam green. It’s not one from a recent spring/summer collection but, it’s not something I’ve seen a lot of in stores either. So, when I discovered it on Pinterest, I knew it would be one of my future favorites.
The Deborah Lippman nail color you’ll notice next is called “Blue Orchid”. I’ve been on the hunt for a baby blue shade that I can wear year round for about 4 months. Honestly, something similar to what Annabelle Fleur of VivaLuxury wears on her nails the majority of the time. {Recently noted that she loves Essie’s “Bikini So Teeny” which is a comparable color.} I noticed this one the other day on Polyvore’s hot cosmetics list; a great place to find new products to try.
NARS lip gloss in “Turkish Delight” is not only a cult favorite but, a celebrity favorite to those like Kim Kardashian and it needs no introduction. As much as I adore my Revlon lip gloss in “Peach Bellini” I have been looking for a  better reviewed, higher end, nude lip gloss and have finally succumbed to the fact that once you love NARS products, you never turn back.
Modcloth has been killing my figurative and literal wallets with all of the super adorable maxi dresses they have on their site right now. I’ve probably filled, emptied, and refilled my shopping cart 3 or 4 times by now. But, the Go For Granduer, wrap-dress inspired maxi is everything I love in a good, warm weather frock and more! The 70’s styling and geometric patterning stand out from the crowd and allow you to remain comfortable in an occasion that requires a certain amount of refinement. Personally, I think you could wear this just about anywhere. And it looks great before, during, and after baby bumps! WINNING!
Betsey Johnson stole my heart again with her cleverly designed Nautical Rope Charm Toggle Bracelet. Featuring dangling, sea-worthy baubles and a pin-up girl, faceted heart-shaped charm; I think this is the gives off the perfect spring break/summer vacation vibe. Pair it with your favorite shorts and espadrilles or get down to your skivvies and wear it with you most loved, retro inspired swimsuit. For instance, Betsey’s Hollywood Hottie One-Piece.
I’ve been after MAC’s “Well Dressed” blush for the last 3 months or so but have been pushing it off when I find that I need or want something else better. This month, though, an immaculate, satin, pink cheek is exactly what I want to set off a spring makeup look. Pairing with a shimmery, gold-toned eye and plump, pouty lip for an effortlessly flirtatious appearance; especially for alone time with your significant other. 😉
Lastly, I flipped head over heels when I saw these set of 8 glass vases in a wire basket from Kirkland’s. Great for table centerpieces! Jon and I are currently in the process of refinishing/rebuilding an old table and chairs we got on Craigslist into a fabulous French, rustic style dining set. I just bought the fabric to reupholster the cushions (pictured below) and I think that these vases would work wonders in creating a fluent, uncomplicated flower arrangement that runs down the center of the table. And for $17 I don’t think you can beat it!
That’s all for me this time around, guys! Thanks for reading and, as always, your support! I couldn’t do this without you! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Lay Bare BUMP: 6 Weeks Pregnant & March 2014 Wishlist

  1. Aw so sweet of you to mention me in your post! I don’t even think I knew I was pregnant at week 6, so I love that you’re able to document so early on! I will say, it was really hard to maintain my water intake throughout my pregnancy because you already pee three times as much with the pregnancy alone, and the water only makes it worse. But it’s worth it for you and baby’s health! Can’t wait to eventually see pictures of your little lentil ; )

  2. I love the Deborah Lipmann Blue Orchid polish – so pretty! I hope you’re feeling better soon – I remember how awful my first two trimesters were with my little one and it always seems there is nothing worse at the time. It’ll get better! 🙂

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