LAY BARE BUMP: Pregnancy Update, Maternity Style, & Best Wishes

So much has happened since I last wrote (a month ago) and now; somehow my stats are booming though, so THANK YOU. I have a tendency to let life tie me up a bit when we have intense stuff going on and boy! do we ever! Although, I’m afraid that I have to be a bit vague as to why I have been so elusive on the blog these last few weeks. There are big changes coming to the McConnell house but, we just aren’t quite ready to share… STAY TUNED. I’m so excited to spill the beans! Shhhh… 😉

Since we last spoke baby #2 has gone through lots and lots of changes.


Week 7- Size of a Blueberry

kidney bean

Week 8- Size of a Kidney Bean


Week 9- Size of a Grape


Week 10- Size of a Kumquat

green olive

Week 11- Size of a Green Olive


Week 12- Size of a Lime

And now, at week 13…

Baby is the length of a… Pea Pod!

Baby McConnell now has fingerprints (an identity!) and it gaining weight rapidly! Let’s just hope I don’t gain as quickly! So far, I’ve only gained about 5 pounds +/- which is awesome since, as you know, I haven’t gotten to exercise as much as I’d like. Prenatal pilates are going to remain a staple for me but, I am thrilled to say that my nausea is starting to subside and I was able to go on my first interval run yesterday. I made it almost 2.5 miles; not bad for having not run in 13 weeks! My lung capacity and circulation aren’t what they used to be, though, so hopefully I’ll be able to build some of the stamina I lost back up, which will help later when it’s time to deliver.

Last week we visited the in-laws in Ohio and every single one of us got a terrible stomach bug. I ended up losing a bit of weight and my sweetie popped out to say hello. Suddenly, I feel hugely pregnant even if there are plenty of people who still can’t tell I’m with-child when I wear anything that’s not form fitting. The aforementioned it completely unfathomable to me!



I don’t have a 12 or 13 week photo from my last pregnancy. This picture is my at 11 weeks with Ezra… I was carrying so much lower and more discreet! I feel like I don’t even look like the same person.


While in Ohio I was attending an annual religious function and thought I would share with you all my maternity style. Courtesy of Ruche , this Debutante dress (I snapped up the very last one!), I felt elegant and comfortable in my expanding state. It really helped to camouflage my belly, which has seemed to spring with the season. The color is very flattering on any skin tone and the belt is removable so that the elastic waist can continue to do its job as time goes by. However, my cravings have subsided to mostly fruit and chocolate; not as many carbs. I feel like because I’m carrying so high with this baby that I can’t eat as much the farther along I get. Also, the less junk food I eat, the less acne I have.


Really quick I just wanna say a quick congrats to Jen from This Runner’s Trials on her beautiful new baby girl, Hadley! Please visit her blog guys and look at how adorable she is and drop Jen a comment 🙂
Also, another congratulations is due to Sarah over at Tulle & Trinkets, who is expecting her first child three weeks before I’m due. She has adorable maternity style! Check it out 😉 Best wishes to the both of you!

I hope you can all be forgiving with me. I’ll be posting some DIY’s soon! Love to each and every one of you.

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4 thoughts on “LAY BARE BUMP: Pregnancy Update, Maternity Style, & Best Wishes

  1. You look GORGEOUS in that red dress! I think I’ll be living in maxi dresses this summer 🙂 I’m like you … I feel pretty pregnant,but it’s not obvious to people who don’t know me. I’m ready for a bigger bump so everyone knows I’m not just sporting a big gut 😉 Thanks for the shout-out!

    • Thank you!
      Oh Please! You’re gorgeous 🙂 But, I know how you feel about the gut. I kinda felt like my belly was rounder and harder already last time around. Oh well– YAY for babies!

    • Thank you!! I wish I was feeling great 24/7 but unfortunately, there have been so many ups and downs. Glad to know the blogging community hasn’t forgotten about me. I’ll pop by your site soon 🙂

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