LAY BARE BUMP: 15 Weeks + Maternity Style

Hi there, everyone! Can you believe we have sprung right into MAY?! I can’t! 2014 is going by incredibly quickly and I am overjoyed that I am 15 weeks pregnant. As hard as some of these days have been (feeling like I’ve been run over by a mac truck) I am ecstatic that this pregnancy seems to be zooming by! Not to mention, the better I feel, the more blogging I can do. I miss interacting with you all on a regular basis…

Within the last two weeks, Baby McConnell has gone from being the size of a lemon to the size of one of my favorite fruits…

Baby is the size of an… Apple!


And, although I don’t look like I’ve grown much in size… My belly feels like it’s going to bust with all of the activity going on inside. Waiting to feel baby move! By week 14 last go ’round, I was was sitting in Whole Foods and felt my little mister. SO exciting! Not to mention feeling baby’s movements puts me at ease when it comes to it’s health and development. At my last doctor’s appointment it was too early to hear the heartbeat and I have been anxious ever since. Hopefully, we will be able to hear it tomorrow when I have my next bump check.

We have been under an insurmountable amount of stress and going through so many changes all at once that affect every aspect of our lives. That kind of stress can even flow through a mama to her unborn child, and I really would rather have my babe dancing around with happiness. So, it’s my sincere prayer that everything will get taken care of speedily and that I can try to enjoy this pregnancy to the full– not to mention share all of our big alterations with you!

Fortunately, the weather has been nice and I have been able to go jogging (at intervals) almost every day! Also, I’m glad that hubby hasn’t been traveling as much because that means we are able to get in some quality beach time with the boys. They can’t get enough of the sand and sun!


I’ve been consuming an innumerable amount of fruit and smoothies, and finally got to attain the sushi (cooked, of course) that I’ve been craving for about a month. Discovered a lovely new spot downtown with Jon the other night called Sunny’s Sushi & Sake Lounge. If you’re every in Wilmington, check it out! I love when my mom volunteers to watch the kids and practically pushes out on date night. 🙂 ❤

Please excuse the crappy cell phone photo below but, we seem to always been in a rush so my iPhone serves more of a purpose than my Canon these days… Shame!

Anyway, I opted for a shirt by Ann Taylor which I picked up the other day at Clothes Mentor for just $14, in a size larger than I would normally wear so it camouflages my belly quite nicely. I love the girly colors and stripes are my go-to pattern! The Gap maternity jeans, I wore more out of comfort than need (considering I can still fit most of my pants), and I got them on ebay for approx $20. The shoes I’ve had forever– Steve Madden standbys. Wedges are something I still feel fairly comfy wearing while I’m pregnant but, I’m choosy about where I wear them because I sprained my ankle in a pair when I was nine months prego with Ezra. Scary!


Just really quick, (because I can’t resist) I wanted to share this sweet photo of my little one, on Sunday. Doesn’t he look dapper? He’s finally walking and I couldn’t be more thrilled!


Have a great day and I’ll be back tomorrow with a DIY for the littles 🙂


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