DIY: Edible Finger Paint for Toddlers

I’m so stoked to share this with those of you who have little ones running around. A few weeks back, I found this idea on pinterest and followed the link to Asia’s blog “Fun At Home With Kids”.  It was well worth it!

I immediately agreed with her hesitation to let her one year old play with store-bought paint, just in case he tried to eat it. The artificial dyes and potentially toxic contents are enough to make any mom worry! Plus, I had learned from experience with another sensory activity (involving shaving cream) that Ezzy is brave enough to taste anything once. So, I followed Asia’s lead and decided that I would make my edible finger paint with yogurt and Kool-Aid.

I was really excited to have Ezra play with “paint” for the first time. I always find him in big brother’s room rummaging around the easel and dragging out paint brushes and containers of bright colors. But, since he is just over a year old, I don’t really want him to take a test drive with packaged paint that is recommended for older ages.

I used a 16 ounce container of plain Greek yogurt because I felt like it would have a bit of a thicker consistency like actual paint. While, I was at the store, I picked up Kool-Aid in Cherry, Orange, Lemonade, Lemon-Lime, and Berry Blue. Once I had all of my supplies, I let the yogurt sit out for a little while, until it was slightly colder than room temperature. I separated an equal amount into 5 different bowls and I poured pretty much the entire package of each color in the individual bowls. It resulted in five very vibrant colors; red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

I rolled out paper on my kitchen floor and sat E down in the middle of it. He was a little confused at first and then he noticed the bright orange and couldn’t hold back anymore. After the first streak he was really into it, even though it did have a tendency to stay rather cold despite letting it sit out.

I really think that he liked painting his body and ME more than the paper!

paint1 paint2

This is a wonderful sensory activity for your little ones; especially when you’re a stay at home mom! It’s a bit messy and, unfortunately, since it’s food based you won’t be able to keep/frame one of your child’s first experience with art. But, in my opinion taking photos of his expressions and excitement was reward enough.

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